App issues

Hello all. Just a question as I’ve sorted things now but did anyone else have problems with the app signing you out on multiple occasions (7) yesterday morning?

As I’ve said I eventually sorted :crossed_fingers:things by deleting and reinstalling and so far so good.

Just curious no more than that!

No logout issues experienced yesterday morning.

Out of curiosity, are your account details safe (no one knows your email & app pin)?


Which phone are you using, out of interest?

Not got another device that’s logged in or anything?

This place would have been on fire if it was common.

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Using iOS! No change in operating system or device.

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Oh yes. No issues there!

Seems it’s just me. Ok all’s well that ends well. :crossed_fingers:
Thanks for the replies guys. :wave:

Meant to say also that you’re quite right when you say the forum would have been on fire!

Thanks again.


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