[iOS] Can't open Shared Tab whilst offline

Issue: When opening a shared tab whilst offline, you get a red X screen that lists “Monzo.SharedTabViewModelError error 1” and flashes on and off, if you then tap the screen, it shows you the shared tab.

Details to reproduce: Open Shared Tab whilst offline. [I’m on the New Nav in Monzo Labs, if that’s relevant]
OS: iOS 12.3.1
Device: iPhone 7
App Version: 2.54.1


I don’t think this is a bug. The app doesn’t do most things without an internet connection, it’s not meant to due to the need to communicate with the bank.

I think you should still be able to get to the tab though! Monzo needs to work on a ‘No internet connection’ warning!

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Yes, but if you tap the red screen, it shows the shared tab like you’d expect (aka last cached version) - so there’s no real need for the red warning?

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