Unable to pay a shared tab. Error message: “Something went wrong. Unable to verify right now.”


Can’t pay a shared tab. When I try:

“Something went wrong. Unable to verify right now.”

Details to reproduce:

One person recently opened new monzo account.
Set up a shared tab with someone else on Monzo.
Added 3 items to tab and split 50:50.
Person owed money sends payment reminder.
Person who owes money tries to pay their share and gets error message.




iPhone 13 and iPhone 8 Plus

App Version:



Ask them to delete the app & install it again :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael this worked, the one that was paying and getting the error redownloaded and works fine now.

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Hi I am currently having the same issue as explained in this post and have followed the same steps of deleting and re-installing to fox it, however I am still unable to settle my tab with someone I have a shared tab with. Currently using IOS and the mobile version.

Any recommendations?