[iOS] Can’t get to chat upon incorrect pin

My wife is currently having some issues with her PIN. She’s entered her PIN incorrectly 3 times and has begun the customer service journey via chat in order to get her account back.

The only issue (apart from her PIN seemingly not working) is that upon closing the App, you cannot get back to the CS chat without entering another incorrect pin.

Some screenshots;

That’s the screen she’s presented with. The fingerprint icon doesn’t do anything. She’s on an iPhone 11 Pro without a fingerprint reader, so that being there in the first place is just odd.

The info window shows nothing massively useful with just some text and an “Okay” button.

Upon entering another incorrect pin;

Hitting Recover Pin is the only way to re-access the Chat.

There should be a way of accessing the Chat from the first screen. When CS replied asking her to close and open the App, getting back to the chat was seemingly impossible without further incorrect PIN entries.

Not ideal :pensive:

OS: iOS 13.3
Device: iPhone 11 Pro
App version: 3.15.0

There is a number on the back of the card to ring, or you could email their address?

I do see your point, and maybe a forgot pin button would be helpful as long as the ways to prove you are you are in place effectively

The customer service last night was really not that helpful, and she’s still stuck without access to her account at the moment. I figured out that, if she disables access to Face ID from with iOS settings itself, then what she’s presented with is very different in Monzo App. Instead, she gets a “Forgot your PIN” and seemingly a process of which to follow to recover her account.

No-one at customer service offered this potential solution & she’s still waiting for a “specialist” to contact her.

I didn’t outline in my original post, but clicking on that fingerprint icon shows a blank white screen. Literally the entire screen goes white with no buttons, no back button, no actions whatsoever. You have to exit the app manually in order to get back to any previous state.

As an app developer myself, this area of the Monzo App needs some work! We are definitely not doing anything wrong this-end.

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As @don_quixote says, I’d call them, this clearly is a bug that they haven’t considered/encountered before.

Thank you, we will do. Is there a better way of reporting a bug to them other than what I’ve done here and/or calling them?

What I’d like to do is to liaise with Monzo staff myself outlining the steps to replicate this bug & what steps we’ve done, without involving my wife. ie; I’m a Monzo fan & an App developer, I get it, things break, things needs to be fixed, things need to be reported to the Dev team correctly. My wife doesn’t care & just wants to check her balance, thus communicating this bug via her phone isn’t ideal :laughing:

Short term – Get my wife back online.

Long term – I communicate this bug to Monzo myself, hopefully resolving an app bug & helping future customers in the process. :upside_down_face:

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Here is the best way, as far as I know, they’ll see this thread too that way.

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I’ve dropped it in the Slack, see if anyone is free to take a look.


Hi @dazecoop thanks for reporting this.

Is the same thing happening on your own account? We’d like to figure out if this is related to some experiments we’re running.

If so, are you happy for us to take a look at your account, and drop you a message about it?

This is not happening on my own account. This stemmed from my wife seemingly forgetting her PIN (even though she’s 99% certain she hasn’t), then entering the PIN incorrectly 3 times. From that point onward the issues above began!

Could you send me, with your wife’s permission, the email they use for Monzo?


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