Stop "Not enough money" message when there is a transfer coming before direct debit

I have a couple of pots set up in my Joint account for direct debits. Every month I have a scheduled standing order payment from my Personal Monzo account into my Joint account, this is then distributed into pots the day after and the day after that the direct debits come out.

My issue is that every month in the few days before the direct debits come out of the pots, when the balance is 0, my pots complain that there is not enough money to cover the direct debits coming out, even though there will be.

This always makes me paranoid and anxious that something has changed, I feel like Monzo should know that this is a a regular payment, or at least let me tell it that it is, so that this message doesn’t keep popping up.

What if you don’t have funds in your personal account and the transfer doesn’t take place? Or you cancel it?

This is also notifying your partner that there is a potential problem with the funds that they are jointly responsible for.

Hiding/muting these sort of notifications would cause more problems than it would solve.


Funding the pots a few days earlier would easily stop the notifications.

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This happens with our joint account too.

Monzo doesnt know you’re guaranteed to be paid on the same day every month. Payments get delayed, you could earn less, you could have quit your job and so on…

Therefore Monzo goes off what it knows at the time. You don’t have enough money in your account to make those payments, so its accurate


But if both accounts are you which you have access to, why can’t it be more clever?

You probably don’t want it to be. I used to do the same as you, SO to the pot then DD a few days later.

But it would go for the DD first occasionally and it was good to know it would fail, so I could go in and top it Up.

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Hey @mlw05

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure there is no way to stop this notification, I understand that even though you have set up a regular/standing over to enter your pots from your current account those payments cannot be guaranteed to arrive or not be delayed so you will always receive the text if funds aren’t there enough days before payment is due.

You can move funds into your pots a few days before payment is due as an alternative to stop receive notifications.