Standing Order not showing in 'Paid from this pot' list

Hi all,

Sorry if this had already been flagged but I can’t see anyone mentioning this already so here goes…

I have been utilising the bills pot in labs and it seems there’s a bit of a glitch. I set a standing order to be paid from my bills pot, titled ‘Bills’.

In the ‘paid from this pot’ list, the standing order doesn’t appear. It’s due to come out tomorrow and I got a message on my main current account to say ‘there’s not enough left in your account and you have x amount coming out tomorrow with a balance too low to cover’ (or words to that effect). This would suggest that Monzo thinks the standing order is being paid from my main current account balance - and not that pot!

Is scheduled payments from bills pots actually working? I guess I can report back tomorrow on that…

EDIT: The standing order from the bills pot did indeed work! Wooohooo :tada::tada::tada:

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of the ‘paid from this pot’ list - it shows all my direct debits but doesn’t show my one and only standing order? Any ideas?

My understanding is incorrect, as it turns out :speak_no_evil: that you can’t pay standing orders from pots at the moment, only direct debits.

See the very first paragraph here:

Monzo Labs: Bills Pots 🍯


they were added yesterday


The no money message has been discussed before and something they hope to fix in the future

I believe the standing order not appearing is also something they are working on


It doesn’t give the option to make subscription payments like Netflix or Youtube from a pot. Hope they are working on that too!

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Yeah, that’s because it’s not a direct debit or a standing order unfortunately!

I have this issue with iCloud (iTunes), Apple Music (iTunes) and Netflix.

My monthly iCloud payment doesn’t even appear in my subscriptions and direct debits list.

If you click on the iCloud payment, there’s a ‘repeating payment’ option if you turn on, you can create a subscription and then it appears scheduled payment list.