✅ [iOS] Pots balance + overall don't update after moving money

I put £100 into a new Pot this morning, no problem there. When I then added another £100, the balance of the Pot as shown in the account tab stayed as £100. However, when you tap into the Pot to add/withdraw money from it, the correct balance of £200 was shown. My main account balance didn’t update to show the money had been moved to Pots. I went through a sequence of adding/withdrawing and eventually got the Pot up to £400. At this point, my main account balance has updated to reflect this.
I then withdrew £300 from the Pot (meaning balance should be £100), but the Pot balance shows as £400, despite my account feed showing that I’ve withdrawn the £300 - main account balance still shows as if my main account is -£300.
Force closed the app, re-opened and the Pot balance still shows as £400. Tried to withdraw £200 back into my main account and got an error message “There was a problem. An error occurred processing the request”
I’ve also noticed that another Pot that previously existed but I’ve renamed (“Middle Month Bills”), has ‘lost’ the money I put into it - I deposited £125 into it, which is reflected in the account feed, but the Pot balance is £0.

Details to reproduce:

OS: iOS 12.0.1
Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: 2.24.0 ad then updated to 2.25.0 - issue remains


There’s an issue this morning they’re fixing at the moment. Could be that