Top up not calculated balance correctly

Existing balance £0.84, Top up of £100 resulted in new balance of £98.04.

I have exported my transactions and to date:
£900 deposit
£799.16 spent

Expected balance £100.84

Please can you investigate or is this known? Many thanks

Interesting, it’s possible to look at the API to try and figure this out but you would be better off talking to support using the in-app chat or Support will be able to look at your account and hopefully provide information on, correct or escalate any issues.

Cheers @RichardR, will post any update on here afterwards

Do also try logging out and back in to re-fetch your whole feed.

Currently we only incrementally fetch the feed after the initial load (greater of last transaction and one week), so if a transaction settles without an auth more than a week in the past (rare but it occasionally happens with bad merchants), your feed will be missing that transaction, including in export.

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I’ve just logged out and back in, according to the export my balance should be 67.99 but it is actually 24.46. All amounts in column c match up to what I can see within the app itself which I assume is the same information I would see if I got the raw data from the developer site.

You may have a similar problem to my account, transactions that simply don’t show up in the app. If you pull data from the API, it should be correct with the offending transactions missing large chunks of metadata.

It’s an issue I reported back in March after a series of short outages caused feed items not to be generated for transactions made during that time. The response was that feed items would not be regenerated during the beta.

Definitely contact support via in-app chat then. They have raw access to all transactions and can investigate discrepancies :slight_smile:

Raw data is very much different to TL feed / export feed.

There was a couple of transactions (EUR) which are pending in the TL but have collected in the raw data and I assume due to the length of time it had taken it will not get updated on my TL. Also the below caused a large part of it…