European transactions displaying incorrectly in app

Not sure if it’s a bug, but…

Balance before: £266.71
Transaction in Belgium of €67.46, which the app shows as a debit of £61.25.
However, the new balance is: £205.63

I would have thought it should be £205.46.

It’s only a few pence for each transaction, but it just annoys me that it isn’t displaying correctly!

Are these transactions that have just happened or are they a few days old?

The one in the example is from 26th August, but I have several around the same time. None of them display the actual amount debited correctly.

There’s the initial amount but the exchange can change over the time it takes from you paying and their bank collecting the money. If you look at the transactions in detail it should show the final settled exchange rate

It does (£1 = €1.10), but if that’s the case it would make more sense for the initial transaction to tally (i.e. the debit(s) actually match the balance at the end of that day) - and then subsequently adjust if there are changes.

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