✅ [iOS] App Slowdown & Lag

I reached out to Monzo chat. Took 3 days to respond.

They told me to delete and re-download the app, which worked initially to speed things up, (nowhere near as fast as the app used to be I might add) but then as the days went on it just got worse and worse, to the point that I had to stop using it altogether.

I’ve opened two accounts recently, a current account and the other a savings account. Trying to move money around from Monzo to these accounts is what broke the camels back for me, as it took me a whole day to get things done.

There’s not a single other app on my phone that is running slow or has any impact that I can think of on Monzo, my phone has worked as it always has done.

It takes a while to open, you get a black screen which lasts seconds and you have no idea if the app has crashed or not, then once you’re in the app, hit a tab, wait…it opens, try to scroll through pots is a nightmare, you swipe, nothing happens, you swipe more thinking nothing has happened and then it recognises the first swipe, but then you’ve done a second swipe so it shoots past which pot you wanted. Payments tab is the worst for me.

As you can tell from this essay, it’s been terrible

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What phone model are you using?

iPhone 6

Not just me this is happening to, there’s lots of others saying the same. It’s been acknowledged and will be rectified with an update next week.

I shall start using it again when these issues are ironed out. Have always found Monzo a breath of fresh air.

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I hear the latest Test Flight version is much quicker…


3 days to respond is never good enough. HSBC answer a phone call or live chat in seconds and reply to a secure mail next day at the latest. I know they have more staff, but it makes you wonder what the challengers are challenging?

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Try it again when iOS 12 comes out? There may be something screwy with your iOS current install but I’m not sure how you would reinstall whatever is already there.

The status quo?

I can’t defend these sort of support time waits, but it’s due to massive demand and the huge growth at Monzo. HSBC, by comparison, will have fairly static numbers so can better plan and respond to demand. And we know that Monzo are recruiting loads of new support folk at the moment - so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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My app was also laggy and slow (iPhone X iOS 12). However on the latest TestFlight version it is all fixed.


Ive had a very similar experience on 11.4 on the iphone X :pensive: taking ages to load each tab.

It’s update day :tada::tada:

I will be checking the App Store every 30 seconds

Going to be doing all the tagging today

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There’s going to be a lot of app updates today as devs release updates to take advantage of iOS 12. Hopefully Monzo isn’t caught up in a queue.


image https://media.giphy.com/media/OPU6wzx8JrHna/giphy.gif

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Off topic but LastPass was updated at the weekend to work with iOS 12. It’s such a joy to use now!

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To add here, the latest version on TestFlight is a dream. I noticed a few bugs in it initially, reported them and the following day they were fixed and much quicker experience.

No doubt it can still be quicker, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

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It’s :heart_eyes: so :heart_eyes: much :heart_eyes: better :heart_eyes:


It’s like they dumped an entire can of WD40 in to it. I’m so happy


SO. MUCH. BETTER! Thanks :slight_smile: