✅ [iOS] App Crash on Camera Privacy prompt

Just a quick bug report, recently restored my phone, obv all privacy settings were turned off, Monzo working fine,
I tried to add a receipt to a transaction today, was prompted with “do you wish access to camera” selected yes, and the app crashed.

Loaded the app again, the setting was remembered and I could then take the image.

Details to reproduce: Restore IPhone (maybe just turn off access to camera)
Load monzo
Go to transaction
Add receipt
(Prompt for access to camera)

OS: 11.4
Device: iPhone X
App Version: 2.2.0


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@anon23935806 Does your like indicate you were able to reproduce this? :slight_smile:

Not yet, I just like what I think is a well-written bug report. :+1:t2:

I tried turning off camera permissions and the app correctly recognises that and shows an error message.

Does not happen on iOS12 iPhone 8 BUT what I did notice that no access has been given to camera roll yet it still can gain access.

No way… screenshot of the settings > privacy > photos tab?

Ha thanks, nothing worse than trying to bug-splat with only a couple of strings on the bat.

  • Just highlighting this was after a (Cabled) restore from iTunes. I appreciate this is likely the last thing you want to do, but to a less informed user (Not appreciative to Xcode) this isn’t a great welcome to Monzo following a restore.

Just thought worth reporting. :smiley:

Photos shows never


Video shows otherwise


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What iOS version? I hope it’s a beta.

It’s a bit strange with Android App as well. I just checked Monzo app does not have access to my camera app which usually means no access to photos, or so I thought… But Monzo app can access my photo gallery if I go to change my monzo.me profile photo or if I try to add a receipt to a transaction.


iOS 12, either way BETA or not it shouldn’t be happening.

So is this a Monzo or iOS issue that privacy is not working?

iOS obviously.

If an app could override privacy issues then the OS failed at its job, because malicious apps won’t just say “we can override privacy settings but we’re not going to because we’re nice”, they will jump on the opportunity straight away.

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