App crashing iphone 7


When trying open monzo it shows the logo then crashes and as a result I havent been able to access my account in 6 weeks. Before that it worked fine.

I’ve since installed 2 updates to the app and updated ios and still nothing.

I have followed all advice on other threads (reinstall etc)

My phone doesnt give the option to give permission to camera and data.

Please help! I have a couple thousand pounds i cant access at all.

What iOS version is on your iPhone 7?

ios 14.3

If you’ve done all that, then I suspect you’ll find no further help here. As it has been six weeks, I assume you’ve cont Monzo. What did they have to say?

You can if you use in the mean time.

Then have a chat with Monzo as suggested above. Don’t just sit and wait for another 6 weeks.

This has to be an issue with your device.

Do you have another/friends that you can install the app on?

If you’re on the public or dev beta that might be the issue other the comments about this place not being able to help are sadly correct.

Only other thing you could try is full reinstall of your phone without restoring a backup.