TestFlight Update

(Herp Derp) #1

Now out guys

(Graham James Phillips) #2

Downloaded. Just need my notification flag in app to migrate. :icecream::lollipop::cookie:

(Huzaifah) #3

Yup. This fixes all the iPhone X issues at last. Couldn’t use the app before this on my IPhone X

(Michael) #4

Only used it briefly, seems more stable - the initial login screen flash I got has now stopped happening! :tada:

(Herp Derp) #5

Yeah that login was annoying

(MikeF) #6

It was fine on an iPhone 6… :laughing::grinning:

(Frank) #7

Was horrible on iPhone X. Not as bad when Face ID turned off. But now is smooth going.

(Herp Derp) #8

That woman walking on the iPhone 8 was like :roll_eyes:

(Michael) #9

Have just noticed that some of my totals don’t add up. If I click on one transaction for a place it says I have 9 - but searching the place says I have about 20 or so.

Sent in support chat, just wondering if anyone else has experienced it.

(Herp Derp) #10

logged out and in again?

(Michael) #11

Yea. Did when I first merged them. I guess I can do it again.

Also getting when recategorising an existing payment that it doesn’t update instantly and the have to close & reopen the app for that change to reflect in the feed & the item. :thinking:


On the build just released, go into your conversations with Monzo and open one up. Then scroll up and down a few times, the app flips out flashing colours everywhere then eventually crashes :sweat_smile:
Happened on an iPhone X, not sure if others are affected.

(Michael) #13

Didnt happen for me that. :joy: But sounds fun.

Did just have the login issue again though. :sob:

(Damien) #14

I’m confused. This app seems better than the Current Account one.

How does this work? If you have a Current Account do you need to switch to this app?


Yes, mine does the same (iPhone X)

(MikeF) #16

This has always been the permanent app. The Current Account app was just for testing the account features (not for testing the app features). When the accounts are merged, this is the one we’ll carry on with. The CA app will be ‘retired’.

(Jason) #17

Odd can’t seem to get it to crash on mine. iPhone X running 11.1.1. I did have a weird layout issue that corrected itself though if anyone can reproduce on the X

(Frank) #18

I am on 11.2 beta 2 and cannot get it to crash on iPhone X. Using the latest TF 1.9.18 app.

(Mark Edmonds) #19

Just had a log out issue again on the iPhone X :thinking:

(Michael) #20

I’ve had a couple now too. :frowning: