Can’t grant camera access to Monzo - iOS

Hi all I use iPhone. Downloaded Monzo apps a day ago. Stuck at the step to take photo ID.

It asks me to go to setting > privacy to change setting. But stupid thing is I go to setting > privacy > camera, there’s no where I can find Monzo apps there so cannot enable.

I go to setting > Monzo and there’s also no option about camera enablement.

How do I sign myself up then?

Hello :wave:

You should be able to go to

Settings>privacy>camera and toggle Monzos
Access from there.

If not, try delete and reinstall and this should re-ask for access.

Good luck!

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I just tested it myself (as I’ve not had Monzo need to use the camera on this iPhone) and, like all apps, when it needed access to the camera, it asked for permission. It did not appear under the settings privacy tab until the app requested it the initial time.

Have you deleted the app and reinstalled it? That usually resets/sorts out notification/request permissions within apps.

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Do you have access to chat at the moment?

If not can you drop us an email to

It looks like we identified a problem with this yesterday and I’m not 100% clear what the fix is.

You might also try installing the latest TestFlight beta to see if that fixes it: Join the Monzo Bank - Mobile Banking beta - TestFlight - Apple