[iOS] 'add payslip' to salary payments

We can ‘add receipt’ to outgoing payments and incoming payments, but this option is not available for salary payments… why not?

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I/we have a Monzo Joint Account. I get paid monthly (salary) via Faster Payments. My OH is paid monthly (salary) via BACS. We can attach receipts to both transaction types.
We also receive 2x child benefit deposits per month via BACS - We can attach receipts to both.
A recent check on a refund from a vendor via bank transfer shows we can attached a receipt to that too.

EDIT: Looks like this is possible on Android, but not iOS

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I can add receipt to faster payments but not BACS :thinking:

Android vs iOS again?

Which are you again iOS?

On Android we can add receipts to BACs payments.

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Ah probably. I forgot about that minor parity issue.


Yeah, I’m iOS

That’s it then. Mystery solved! :smiley:

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I’ve edited the title to reflect it’s an issue with iOS


Ah, thanks guys, seems to be an issue then with iOS.

Yes, I’m on iOS and I can add receipts to faster payments but not to BACS payments.

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I imagine this is related to the fact that we can no longer add notes to incoming payments on iOS; so frustrating this is still an issue!

I figured that this topic is probably the closest to what I am looking for, so basically I’ve been banking with monzo for well over a year now, minor nag sorry in advance, but I get paid weekly I work for the Botanist a chain of bars etc so my money goes in by transfer it says BACS on my payslip but it isn’t, I called head office and asked this as I wanted to apply for the get paid early thing, can’t.
But is there a way of telling monzo basically that the payment that comes through every Friday of about £400 is my salary and I need the app to configure itself in the bit where it says you’ve got x amount to last you for x amount of days, it seems to think that I’m paid monthly, so I’ve just turned that feature off as it annoys me, of course I haven’t got £15 to last me for 28 days I’ve got a day till payday.
2nd nag, Tips are through the roof in my establishment, sometimes upwards of 100 a week (cash) we are fortunate enough to have a ‘tronc’ based system, for those of you that don’t know its basically a giant pot of tip money that is usually where the discretionary 10% service charge goes then everyone gets a portion of that into their weekly salary as standard, it varies but having that is great as well as tips, so obviously I do a lot of depositing cash at your local paypoint which I do think is the best idea since sliced bread, the fact I can pop into a convenience store on my way home at 2am deposit my cash into my bank is unreal. However nag is, is that the £1000 over 6 months is way too small, it basically means that I’m gonna have to use my Barclays I’ve kept open to deposit into (mon - fri 9-5) yay cant wait! then transfer directly across, its just a bit annoying.
… And Breath…

thanks guys & girls x


Click the pie chart in the top right, Click summary, then change next to start date, custom and set it to weekly

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+1 I would like this feature on iOS would be so helpful to see payslip over the year.