Receipt & Note addition for payments

(Nick) #1

it would be very useful to be able to add receipts and notes to payments by bank transfer as we can do with card payments

(Andrew Schofield) #2

Are you on iOS? On android I can add notes/receipts to both incoming and outgoing FPS payments

(Brandon Billingham) #3

It’s one example where android is ahead of the iOS app!

(tom) #4

More examples of Android pre-eminence coming soon :wink:


You need to turn it around in favour of iOS! :laughing:

(Brandon Billingham) #6

It’s a shame that either platform has to keep jumping ahead of each other feature for feature. It would be okay but nobody can give a timeline for when features like tagging categories to incoming payments will come to iOS for example. There is a lot of attention on the forum / blog about how android lags behind but I hope it then doesn’t mean iOS has to lag behind android. I understand they’re different teams but it’s been very quiet on the iOS front recently. I know the focus is on CA but I’m not 100% even clear what to expect from the app when my CA preview merges with my prepaid card

(Scott) #7

@tom please don’t forget iOS in your updates, have a fair playing field (I maybe biased) as I am an iOS user :sweat_smile:

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