✅ [iOS] Acct balance 0, Spent 0 - not true!

Issue: for the first few seconds the acct balance and spent today section shows zero. At first I really made me scared as I had quite a bit in my acct.

Details to reproduce:
Close the app. Open the app.

OS: iOS 12 Public Beta 3
Device: iPhone 8
App Version: up to date as of the 4th of August 2018



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Had the app recently updated? It may just not have had the figures cached.

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It wasn’t (isn’t) a singular event. It happens all the time for already 1 or 2 days.


Sorry about this :frowning:

What is your internet connection like?

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Not the fastest but never had this issue before. It also wasn’t only when I was connected to this particular network.
(Btw adding pictures to forum using a phone is not working very well)

Just to highlight. This 0-0 issue is only visible for the first 2-3 seconds after opening the app. It is not persistent.

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Thanks :+1:

I’ll update this if we get anymore reports :slight_smile:


same problem a couple of times for me when opening the app displays 0 0 balance just long enough to think arghhhhhh before going back to correct balance

IMG_3246 IMG_3247

screen shots a couple of seconds apart -
also get quite laggy initially on scrolling through the feed which then after a few seconds catches up to normal speed -

interestingly the zero balance bug has also happened in my Starling app a couple of times with the same reverting to actual balance after a couple of seconds on opening the app

Iphone 5S
app 2.8.1#438

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still getting this 0-0 balance problem from my last post from 17 days ago, my spending graph display has gone loopy as well on opening the app - the spike in balance sometime in the future ???


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Any update?

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None right now, but the iOS app is being factored so hopefully that will fix some of these issues :+1: