✅ [iOS] UI Bug on Spending Limits

UI Bug on Spending Limits: Columns overlap on iPhone SE

Details to reproduce: Maybe it’s because the iPhone SE has a smaller screen than most iPhones but I’ve notived that some of the rows in the Spending Limits view in settings overlap: a big example is ‘Daily payments to Monzo contacts’ ovrelapping with the £10,000

OS: iOS 11.4
Device: iPhone SE
App Version: 2.9.0


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Thanks for this! A screenshot would be really useful if possible :slight_smile:

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This has been fixed on iPhone 5s in either today’s or last weeks update.

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Have you updated to 2.10 yet? That’s exactly how it used to look on the 5s til I checked it after today’s update

Ah, just checked the app store and the update has come through. Now working perfectly!


There are a few more places where the small screen size makes itself known, nothing major though.

Here the text is truncated, but the information it’s conveying about when you will be charged isn’t actually mentioned in expanded feed item.

Hot Coral is just a bit too eager here. :grimacing:

Edit: Also this! I get that dynamic strings might truncate but static labels should probably fit or wrap. :smile:


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