iOS 18

With iOS 18 right around the corner thought it would be worth setting this topic up.

From what I can see its going to be very Ai oriented with possibly a new Siri :eyes:


Excited for those who care about AI, I personally am ready for an hour-long AI-flavoured snooze fest.

I hope we get some non-AI features and a bit of a design refresh. Otherwise my phone does all I need it to do.


Hopefully the new watch OS will change the rain complication back to how Apple advertise it.

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Should have just one generic Apple thread :smiley:


There’s the iPhone one. I can rename this one if we think it’s worth it?

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I think a generic iOS thread imo. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Just iOS? :thinking:

Yea. With iPadOS in another I think. And macOS in another.

We have an ios17 thread already

So iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS, tvOS then do you have product threads too? iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch etc, don’t forget accessories. :laughing:

Just one “Apple” thread , means we don’t need extra threads every time Apple fart out an event. :smiley:


Just make a thread “Chat” then we dont need threads for anything more.

iOS 18 should have a thread as it will be easier to track.


So am I leaving it as iOS 18 :joy:

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I’d leave the iOS threads as a new one every release but we do need a general Apple thread where we can talk about products etc.



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Prefer them separate so I can stay up to date on 17.x, without having to sift through pages of bugs in iOS 18 Developer Betas that I have no intention of installing. :grimacing:

While we’re at it, may as well rename the ’Latest tech purchases’ thread to ‘Latest purchase of literally anything and questions about/relating to one I might be about to buy’ :rofl:


This would be a good idea IMO.

That one was semi serious, as it’s too far gone to be recoverable at this point. But I think most people know that’s the case anyway now.

On topic though, I am just looking forward to hopefully having the ability to put blank spaces on the home screen. Definitely missed that when I came over from Android.

I’ve never understood why people love this, it’s never bothered me and even when I’m on Android (I switch quite often) I still set it up like my iPhone. :joy:

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I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or ironic, but it’s certainly nice to have the choice to set up your device the way you like it.

Can see the ship has sailed, but I was definitely on the one iOS thread to rule them all bandwagon.

How am I being sarcastic or ironic? I never said people shouldn’t have choice, I said I don’t get why people want it.