iOS 18

Partly just for aesthetic reasons like leaving a gap around part of a wallpaper etc.

But for me it’s because I’d rather only have icons on the bottom 2-3 rows of the screen, where I can actually reach them without repositioning the phone in my hand.

With the icons being forced to order top to bottom that’s not possible.

You also seen that they might allow colour customise on app icons?

I have heard that, but I doubt any one that roundup will be true, they rarely are! iOS 17 was supposed to be a big update last year…. We’ll just 1 more week and we find out


Who else is waiting for the dev beta :raising_hand_man:


Looks like there’s no Ai enhancements announced.

“One more thing…”

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The movable icons is such a big thing

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And the colour is so nice

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Apple intelligence lol

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It really is! I’ve been waiting bloody years for this, it’s the one thing I really miss coming from android many years back.

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They think current Siri is intelligent? Ahahaha

I get a lot of “You can view this information on your iPhone” when I try get info via HomePod

Trying to wait patiently is killing me :joy:

You can generate your own Emojis now…. With Genmoji

To be fair I’ve always found Siri to be decent but like all ML (sorry, AI) it has to have the data and you have to be all in for to have maximum effect.

Really interested to try out apples interpretation but it’s the slightly redesigned mail and other apps I’m most here for.


Call recording…. That’s big

Probs not UK based, GDPR or consent thing

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The transcribing feature would be great if it was available in UK

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The one where it’s the voicemail where you can choose to answer?