iOS 17

You really only lose any app data - like if you’re signed in to Spotify for example

You don’t loose (assuming icloud sync is on)
Contact history

I also don’t lose health data? Or is that gone?

No, that’s sync’s with iCloud - though it does take a while for it to be retrieved, so don’t have a panic attack if it’s not there immediately

Sorry, I should have mentioned that in the list

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98% by the way. So it was the betas, as it’s returned to normal wear on the latest one. But, a good shout


My S7 is at 83%, not bad considering I’ve had this watch for 2 years

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That’s pretty good for an S4! Glad it’s been sorted with the latest beta, though.


Cafe Nero on beta 8…. Still blocked

It’s the same with my work coffee app which uses the same underlying app creator.

Very irritating. The HSBC of iOS 17.


Is it too early to be talking about iOS 18?


Just put my iPhone on low power mode or whatever it is and it was so clunky! Putting it down to beta but it forced me to go get my charger (worse things happen at sea I know).

Has it always been like that?


Battery life is always worse on Betas vs stable. Yes. Apple don’t optimise for battery in betas

I think the question is more about low power mode which has always throttled phone performance quite a bit. Not sure what @Carlo1460 means by clunky though – could just be the lower screen refresh rate?

Possible, it is limited to 60hz in LPM. Maybe he’s not used to it

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Yes, I experience this too - scrolling becomes quite jittery, animations when you swipe between apps aren’t smooth and so on. Only happens now and then.

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Don’t think it’s this, it’s way worse than a change in refresh rate.


Yeah a really good chance it’s the refresh rate. My phone is set to auto low power at 20% and it feels sluggish because of the refresh rate.

I tried with a largish game and the launch speed was much the same although heavy multi core stuff would be affected and I am on a 13 pro.


All the info is here:

I believe it does also cut some cpu performance as well according to benchmarks people have ran but the display rate has an immediate feel difference.

It was literally everything I was doing, typing, switching between apps, scrolling, it was pretty naff experience.

The Pixel used to still run pretty great on Low Power mode but the iPhone :melting_face:

Id always understood it just reduced background activity like refresh apps or downloads etc, not completely strip it back to iPhone 2 levels :joy:

I do think I have more issues than anyone else…. It won’t clear like the rest

Maybe time for an annual reset, either if I get the iPhone 15 pro max or just reset if I don’t!