Show us your Memoji

(Frank) #1

So iOS 12 brings with it the ability to create a Memoji (think mii from the wii). I pretty good way to express yourself while not having to share your personal photo (I have started using mine for my online profiles).

So what do you guys look like in a Memoji world?

Here I am:


It’ll be interesting to see how many people have an iPhone X and are running the developer version of iOS12 beta!

Mine is also my profile pic on here :slight_smile:

(Nicolo) #3

I don’t have a tester iPhone X but do you think it’s stable enough to install on your main daily driver? aha does Monzo run well on it :joy:


Yeah, works perfectly - Arguably better than iOS 11 for me! lol.

Monzo is fine, other than the usual iPhone X bugs which still persist! (the bottom bar overlapping issue).

(Frank) #5

I can say it’s been the most stable first beta I have ever used. Up to you how you use that information though :wink:

(Nicolo) #6

ahah it’s crazy they haven’t fixed that yet :joy:

(Nicolo) #7

do you agree with Poppa, more stable than 11? I have it on my iPad but I hardly use it so I haven’t been able to fully experience it yet.

(Frank) #8

Pre 11.4 I think yes. 11.4 was pretty good but I wasn’t on it long :joy:


I still had quite a few lag/slowness issues with 11.4!


Out of curiosity @Frankiejr - How did you get the image of your MeMoji?

Was it just a screen shot? I could work out how to send it as a sticker to myself, and then save it.

(Frank) #11

Screen shot from iMessage seemed the fastest way and then just cropped to size. I didn’t look beyond that but the sticker option sounds better :+1:t2:


Definitely supposed to say “I couldn’t work out” :joy:

(Frank) #13

That makes more sense as I’ve just been trying with no luck. So you took the screenshot route too?


Yeah I did - I think you SHOULD be able to save a sticker as an image, but it doesn’t seem to like it at the moment.

(Ian Lyon) #15

Here’s mine!

There is no life in those eyes.

(Frank) #16

Yeah I found the guide to do it in iOS 11. And it doesn’t work in 12.



(Frank) #18

Would have been good if Memoji tried to recreate your face automatically and then you could tweak it if needed.

(Colin Robinson) #19

(Frank) #20

I see the resemblance :eyes: