The Future of Monzo 🌁

Tickets are now all sold out - so, how many of you will be joining us this Saturday at Shoreditch Town Hall? :blush:

I’m proud to announce all the panels have now been finalised and the host has been locked in too - and that host is someone you all know - aw heck. It’s me :raised_hands:

Amongst many other incredible things, we’re going to have an opening keynote from our CEO, Tom Blomfield, a Q&A session with Tom and Eileen Burbidge from Passion Capital, a panel talk on Open Banking featuring @kieranmch and his team, a “Show and Tell” session with updates from our Loans, Business, and US teams, and a talk on Diversity and Inclusion, from our brand new Head of Diversity and Inclusion, the incredible Sheree Atcheson :star:

Full line-up to come soon!

Can’t wait to see many of you there.


Cant wait to see the feedback. It’s a bit far from deepest darkest Dorset, but I wish you all an informative and enjoyable day. R-


I’m not speaking but I’ll be there! :grin:

Feel free to come by and say hi if you spot me :raised_hands:

Should be roaming around between the front of house & the main hall.

(Spoiler, my face doesn’t look like the Android Marshmallow logo) :joy:

Looking forward to hearing all of the talks live & in-person for a change :hot_coral_heart:


How comes I’m only hearing of this now?!?

There were some general tickets still available, so I grabbed one…

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Fake news


Will this be streamed?

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Saw before that no live streaming (presumably as off site) but will be recorded

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Hopefully that means I can watch it on Youtube soon after (Monday would be fine tbh).

Frankly the existence of the event was a surprise to me. I hadn’t seen anything about it elsewhere until now, and by the time I’d read this topic I had no chance of attending.

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Looking forward to it!

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I REALLY hope this can be made interesting. It is a GOOD thing, but can be a really dull box-ticking exercise if done badly. I hope you are charismatic Sheree!


Will the talks be available after or during the event?


After on YouTube


I briefly met Sheree when I was in the office on Monday, and she’s fantastic. I have no doubt it will be a great talk :raised_hands:


I can’t make it, but I’m sure it’ll be a great day!

Hopefully there’ll be some new features announced :eyes:


Is that because only legacy Plus customers get event invites? :joy:

No, Plustomers didn’t get an email about it, it’s not a plus event

I got the invite from Eventbrite, not from Monzo.
I also managed to snag a ticket on the second ticket group release.
Sadly, a work commitment changed which meant I can’t go :sob:, so I released the ticket back to eventbrite to allow someone else the chance to go :four_leaf_clover:

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Full lineup for the day has been posted :raised_hands:

Check it out here:


Business account talk will be good

Awww yissss - can’t wait :slight_smile:

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