Monzo Investival

What is this? Or am I missing something here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Investor’s event/meetup I assumes?

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Did you get the email? Investor-only get-together. Text from email below.

We’re super excited to announce that Monzo Investival 2019 is happening on 29th June in London, and we’d love to see you there!

We’re bringing together team members from across Monzo to put on an event just for our crowdfunding investors. Investival offers exclusive insights into our progress as a business, and how we’re building a bank to make money work for everyone. Expect talks, Q+A’s and panel discussions from our founders, designers, data scientists, engineers and plenty more.

It’s a full-day event, and we’re holding it across two sites in London: Monzo HQ and Code Node (two minutes walk apart).

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No I didn’t get the email. I am an investor though.

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mine just arrived and was in junk mail

Hmm. Nothing in mine at all.

Just got the email :partying_face:

Excited for this. Also love the fact there are two tracks so you an pick the area which interests you the most

Yay I’ll have to jump on your excitement without an invite.

Plus 1? :stuck_out_tongue:

The emails are normally sent out in batches so you may get it later today.


I blooming hope so! Put my money into the place… :kissing_heart:

At first I was disheartened to find another exclusive event happening in London again. Then I saw in the email that it was going to be at two sites! :partying_face:

Then I saw the bracketed text

My face quickly changed to this :unamused:


Pretty certain I clicked something at the bottom of an email (the first one for investors a month or two back?) to request an invite

I get your frustration, however at the momet it makes sense as London is their HQ. Looking forward to :monzo: rolling out more over the country in future.

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Well I didn’t get that then.

Bloody hell.

I’ve been hoping this happens for a long time but sadly they favour London events and save all the good stuff for there. I highly doubt they will do anything like this outside of their bubble :cry:

For the first time in a long long time (or ever perhaps) one was announced in Manchester which isn’t close to me but certainly better than London.

However it’s just a “chat and meetup” which is nothing compared to this or any of the other recent exclusives that Londoners are given. Right down to the date and time they’ve chosen for the Manchester one doesn’t make any sense, at least this one falls on a weekend!

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I think they will, when they grow.

These events cost Monzo. However it costs a lot less if they don’t have to rent a space - and of course they don’t need to at their HQ.

More weekend events needed definitely!

That sounds like Londoner mentality where everything is at a premium :wink:

I’m sure they could arrange something very reasonably priced (if not free) further north and centrally located so it is fair for everyone :slight_smile:

I’m an investor, plus subscriber, joint account holder and everything in between. Unfair isn’t the right word when they do everything on their doorstep that excludes a lot of people. Makes you think if they care that you live outside of London :man_shrugging:


From the email:

If you can’t make it to London…
Drop in to watch Investival keynote talks at our viewing lounges in Manchester and Cardiff.