Our new name is M…! What do you think?

(Tristan Thomas) #1

We’ve just announced our new name! Let us know your thoughts below :slight_smile:

Spending screen is counterintuitive with targets
(George Sabourin) #4

Well, it’ll take some getting used to! But I’m sure it’ll grow on me.


I’m not 100% convinced but i wasn’t sure about Mondo originally. It’s definitely grown on me since i first saw it in the OnePulse survey :smile:

(Karim) #6

I liked Mondo, and Monzo sounds like an obvious replacement! Quicking myself why I haven’t thought about it!

So… who earned the lifetime bragging right?

(James Isaacs) #7

I like it, but i think it’s a case of time for people to get use to it. However what’s the deal with Stirling bank and their Monzo?

(Adam Williams) #8

It seems awfully close to “Mondo” - will that continue to cause legal/trademark issues due to potential confusion?

(Maurice Browne ) #9

Not very different to the old name, so shouldn’t take much getting used to it.

(Jack Nichol) #10

I’m not sold.


Maybe in time. :sweat_smile:


I reacted negatively to it on OnePulse over Motion but I’m hoping the name grows on me over the coming months

(lee) #13

Don’t mind it. Actually glad it’s one letter difference

(Alex Duckman) #14

Bit meh about it personally but not sure what I expected. Keep it as close to Mondo as possible sounds like a good idea.

(Leon) #15

It would of been nice if you would of went for something totally different. Monzo I’m not feeling it but maybe in time I guess.


From the other thread @feathers mentioned he thought of the muppets straight away, as did I. Definitely makes you think Gonzo and the hard Z in the name is not particularly friendly sounding.

My Mondo card just got rarer though and I’m sure whatever was chosen would seem odd at first. Roll on getting my Monzo current account and debit card!

(Herp Derp) #17

I dunno, I’m not that keen on it tbh.

Will always be Mondo to me.


To be honest, not impressed. I was expecting something with a wow factor and feel this falls short and much to play it safe.
Maybe it will grow on me but right now I hate it.

(Ashley) #19

I’ll have to be careful in Italy next week as I’m going to Monza…

(Herp Derp) #20

Exactly this, the build up lead me to believe it’d be good but instead it’s left me rather underwhelmed.

(Asad Riaz) #21

To be honest , Mondo was better then monzo . But now looking forward to have current account tho :ok_hand:

(Tim Bentinck) #22

Well I thought my suggestion was better.
No brainer! :smiley:


You own bankymcbankface.co.uk and you went with monzo? :frowning: