Investors flair here on the forum πŸš€


Hi @RichardR,. Did you check the accounts ? As I still do not appear as an investor … do you need any additional information from me?

(Rika Raybould) #191

To update, I’ve just run the crowdfunding investor badge process again. :rocket:

(Jon Trew) #192

First post… testing :slight_smile: have invested

(Theo Gregory) #193

Investor here, but no badge. Just putting my name down for next time you run the process :slight_smile:

(Alan) #194

Hello. I’m using the same email address that I invested with but not on the group - Please can you add me?

Thanks in advance.



I invested in the first crowdcube round with this email address and don’t seem to have the flair. If you could add it that would be great! TIA.

(Peter Magyar) #196

First post… testing:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


First post! I recently joined the forums but i invested back in the second crowdfunding stage & I’m here for my flair!

(Matthew Blackburn) #198

I invested and haven’t got my cool little funky rocket! :disappointed:

(4 Round Investor) #199

Hit me up with a rocket …

(Fillip H.) #200

Testing to see if it’s there :yum:

Edit: Shoiny :smile:


Could someone add a rocket to my account please. Thanks.

(Shahin) #202

Can I have my rocket please. Thanks

(Theo Gregory) #203

Ya, I’ve the investor badge within the monzo app, but not here on the forum. Know it’s not important but it is pretty cool :rocket:

(Will) #204

Could I be added please? Early 2017 crowdcube investor here.

(Theo Gregory) #205

Don’t suppose you’re doing another run anytime? :heart:️

(Rika Raybould) #206

Let me see if I can find where I put the script and run it this afternoon. :+1:

(Theo Gregory) #207

Thank you :metal:

(Peter Roberts) #208

cron.daily :wink:

(Rika Raybould) #209

Haha, it’s possibly something I could make into a service on the Monzo platform at some point before we do the next crowdfunding round. :bulb: