Crowdfunding Investor Icon

Hey Peeps,

I’ve been waiting a response back from @cookywookfor over 2 weeks now about having my crowdfunding icon put on… it went. no idea why.
Does anyone know who else I can reach out to?

You need adding to this group:

@leonardh @Peter_G @glasgow
Is anyone other than a :monzo: staffer able to add people to groups?

(Tags based on who was active most recently, not because I know they can fix it)

You should probably remove your bank account number from that screenshot

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Nope, I can do it now though :slight_smile:

Also this :pray: I have removed the screenshot


Sorry @Coral-Crew can’t add people to groups, only @Monzo. @simonb @cookywook can either of you support?

Edit: @HughWells in there first! :raised_hands:


Done - apologies for the hassle and delay :disappointed:

If anyone has similar issues please feel free to DM me/Simon/Beth/Richard/Yen and we will get on it :+1:


Cheers Bud :slight_smile:


Check out that fancy new rocketship! :heart_eyes::rocket:


Hey guys ! I’ve been with Monzo since 2017 now and am investor too but just joined the forum. Is it possible to get the investor icon ?

Thank you !

Chat to @cookywook and he should be able to sort it for you.

@dgrluca :wave: Could you message us in the through app chat and ask COps to check if you have the Investor label on your account? They’ll be able to get it passed to us and we can get it added :rocket:

On a slightly different note… What happened with @cookywook experimenting with flair? I thought he was looking into a way to show multiple?

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Perfect thank you !

How do I get added to investor group ?

Send a DM to @cookywook with the email address used for your Monzo account - if everything checks out, you’ll be added to the investor group on the community forum :+1:

Thanks :blush: