Investors flair here on the forum 🚀

(Liam Oxborough) #167

Hello, im an investor but my forum account doesn’t have the status on it, I have updated my email address so it matches the one I invested with, could this be added to my account please. Thanks

(Tom ) #168

Liam - I’ve moved your post here as you created a duplicate topic. Lots of info in this thread for you.

(Fraser Kininmonth) #169

Fellow investors, I’ve noticed a lot of people here on the forums with the investor tag below their names. I invested in the first and second round, with this account, and don’t have the tag. Any idea why?
I’m not bothered about it on the forums, just want to make sure I don’t miss out on the investor cards when the banks fully released in 2018.
Still really happy with the early access debit account now though :grin:

(MikeF) #170

This is the thread to be in for attention on this.


You’ll still be tagged as an investor on their system for cards etc. If you got a mondo investor card from round 1 then that definitely shows you are in the group.

The problem here was that they matched the investor emails they have with the emails of registered forum users 8-9 months ago. Then hundreds of investors subsequently joined the forum and they are not in any group.

Pretty sure this problem would be solved by getting rid of that group on this community. It divides people and wastes tristan’s time manually adding people all the time.

(Rika Raybould) #172

As of around 15 minutes ago, anybody who:

  • Posted in this thread.
  • Had matching Community and Monzo account email addresses.
  • Had matching Monzo account and Crowdcube email addresses.

should now have their rocket investor badges.

If you have posted in this thread already and do not have your badge, please DM me both the email you use with Crowdcube and the email address you use to login to Monzo. This will allow me to confirm both the investor badge here and make sure that your Monzo account has the correct investor tags. :slightly_smiling_face:

(neil_cm17) #173


I invested in Monzo via Crowdcube in March of this year and I can’t see the investor badge on my profile. The email address I used with crowdcube should match my monzo email address.



(MikeF) #174

I can see it… :slight_smile:

(Tim Ngwena ) #175

Hi can I have the badge added too? I invested of course, March and recent round.

(Joao Silva) #177

Investor here…

(Ritchie Latham) #178

Seems I’m missing my badge too… :raising_hand_man:t2:

(Investor) #179

Testing testing, first post


New investor to the forum. Testing


Hi @RichardR , could you check my details please? I invested in lst 2 crowd funding rounds via crowdcube using the same email address as my forum account, but I dont seem to have a badge… I’m mainly concerned that I won’t receive in investors card… :slight_smile:


(Gordon Lester) #182

2 time investor, March and most recent using the same email address. As some above I can’t see the investor badge on my profile.

(Chris Holt) #183

In case I need to post to request it vs an automatic update, me too, just finally registered on the forum (I was sure I had but apparently I hadn’t!)

(Saxbourne Cheung) #184

Investor checking in here - thanks! Now all seems to be automated when you make the first post :+1:

(MikeF) #185

Your account’s been around for a while so assuming the email addresses matched, I’d guess they tagged you on an earlier trawl through.

(Rika Raybould) #186

I’ll run through and check all of your accounts tomorrow night when I’m working and DM those who I need more information from to match everything up. :+1:

(Rikin Patel) #188

Testing. Just created my account so may need updating