Investors flair here on the forum πŸš€

(Ivan Brazza) #210

Don’t suppose I could get my rocket here too? :blush:

(Mark Hardwick) #211

Heyah just realised I don’t have my flair despite using the same email address


Could you run the script again please? :smile:

(Andrew Clark) #213

HI Tristan, I use the same email address here and in my investment but it hasn’t carried across. Could you add me? I had to ask for the investor flair on my card and apple pay. I wouldn’t mind but am scared that I may miss investor mailings if I’m not registered correctly. Thanks

(Matt Hill) #214

I’ve changed my email on here to the same as the one I invested with, would be cool if it showed up at some point but not a big deal either way! :slight_smile:

Simple Questions Thread (Newbie friendly πŸ™‚)
(Erinc Erol) #215


Can I have a flair for my account please? I’m using same email in Monzo Account and CrowdCube

(Dominic) #216

Hi I’m an investor in all 3 fund raises but I don’t have a forum badge. [edit: removed personal details]


Also missing mine!

(Sachin Pande) #219

Hi I have the same email in Monzo app and CrowdCube but I don’t have a forum badge.

(Evgeni) #220

Missing mine as well.


The last open round was the best part of 2 years ago. Where have you guys been? :thinking:

My best guesses are either hiding under a rock, super-lurking or maybe chilling on an investor island somewhere tropical :desert_island: eating :pineapple::pizza:


Completely off topic, but in line with what you were saying…

I was watching the recent Open Office today, and I was really surprised someone in the audience (who clearly has an interest in Monzo to go to an β€œopen evening”) asked the question about β€œWhen will the interest for pots feature be released, and what will the interest rate be?”

It reminded me that there are people outside of the forum who also support Monzo - Who knew?!


Investor here, just testing.

(Rob) #224

I think the forum and Crowdcube email addresses are the same if I could be added pls…


Me too please. Investor from April 2017, but new member to the community, although been viewing it for a while.

(Brenton Hill) #226

Hi Tristan,

I have invested in all rounds so far. Can I have the investor badge please :slight_smile:



I did signup with the same email however I am still out.
Could you please fix it?

(Bradley Clifford) #228

Hi Tristan

I just joined the community today but have been an investor in the past two rounds. I am using the same email address as I used for that investment. Can you please ensure that I also receive the badge and get added to the investor group?

Many thanks

(Is Santa here yet?) #229

Can I get my flair/badge please? I’m sure you’re not busy doing anything else at the moment :joy:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #230

Same here please :innocent: Once the dust settles :joy: