Investors flair here on the forum πŸš€

(Richard Hall) #143

Can you add my investor badge please?


I am pretty sure I used the same email :blush:

(Adrian) #145

I invested in the last round and used the same email to register.

This is my first post and recently registered in the community.

Do you have to have a more active presence before you can get the investor badge and :rocket: icon?

(Moar Cookies Plz!!) #146

I am also an investor but have only just become a member on here and used the same email for crowd cube etc.
Me wantz sparkly rocket shipz plz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rocket:

(Mark) #147

Could you add my investor badges too please, I used a different email address when I first signed up to the community. I invested in the last round :blush:Thanks


Booooom rockets for all! :rocket::rocket::rocket:

(Jennifer Heale) #150

Testing testing… Lets see if this works, i signed up to the forum after i invested…

(Jennifer Heale) #151

Nope no luck, can I get the crowd funding investor tag added? I invested on crowd cube not sure if you need proof :slight_smile:


he gets around to it :slight_smile:

(Alexandra ) #153

I used the same email address to invest in the last round. Can I please have the investor tag added to my account when you get a chance? Thanks!

(David Allardice) #154

Hi there, could I also be added to the Investor group?


Hi, please can you add the investor tag to my account. I used the same email address to invest last time round. Many thanks!

(Mike Scott) #157

Recent sign up, so in need of my flair being added. Thanks!

(Peter Roberts) #158

Hi, I also only signed up to the forum recently. I invested in the second round so could I please be added?

(Huzaifah) #159

Hello. I invested, but don’t see my awesome badge? Email address I’m using is actually the same.


You can have mine if you want:-) The only badges I want to see are the Monzo ones so we can see who and staff and who are not


Can have mine too. Pretty pointless and it doesn’t let you get rid of it!

(Georgi Bogdanov) #162

Hey. I am investor too but recently joined the forum and I guess that is why I did not get added automatically. Thanks

(anthony tyndale) #164


I am investor and just realised I’m not in the investor group , does it take awhile to get in.because my email is the same.just wondering.

(lewis oconnor) #165

do you get a rocket next to your name for investing?