Investors flair here on the forum πŸš€

(Jonathon) #317

I highly recommend this topic is closed!

(Ed) #318

Me too! Or some post is closed and stickied to let users know that flairs are coming soon…

(Ben ) #319

Obligatory repost for anyone about to ask… :rofl:

EDIT: Clearly no one listened :exploding_head::roll_eyes:

(Colin Milhench) #320

Can you add me to the group? I have just joined the forum, but with a different email address. I have also asked for my email address in Monzo account to be updated to the same email that I use for this forum.

(MikeF) #321

It’s the Crowdcube email address that matters here I believe.

(Zain) #322

I didnt have a community account before i invested. I just invested can i get added to the Investors group please?

(Ed) #323

It is coming soon.

(Ed) #324

Can people please scroll up and read a couple of posts before asking the same question that has been asked 100000x


(Charlie) #325

@Coral-Crew pls lock :joy:

(Rika Raybould) #326

(Richard Cook) #327

And done! We’ve added all investors to the Investors group :rocket:

Not seeing it? Let us know and we’ll look into it.


(Tom ) #328

(Simon Beattie) #329

I signed up to the forums with a different email address than the one I used for my bank account so haven’t been added into the investor group. I have synced them together now though!

Could I get added to the group and get my :rocket: flair please! :smile:

(Steve) #330


(Ryan Nixon) #331

Just joined Monzo Community and was recently a part of the crowdfunding - can I be added to the new forum group? Also, could I get the badge added to my name?

Many Thanks,

(MikeF) #332

The two go together I.e. the badge comes with the group membership.

(Ryan Nixon) #333

Thank you! Sorry - still getting use to the navigation and layout of this forum.

(MikeF) #334

It’s not a problem. We all had to start from that point!


What is the reason you did not add me?

(MikeF) #337

There probably won’t be a specific reason. Are you asking to be added and is your email address the same in both places to help identify you?