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Nice to know I have that effect on you @Jackcrwhitney

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Clarity, not you just the constant repeating posts :wink:

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Can anyone assist with advise. I recently joined monzo as a customer, on the 1st December . I am desperate to buy some Monzo Shares but was told that I needed to have been a customer since or prior to the 21 November?

Obviously, I am very disappointed. I wonder as to whether there is a back door ? I need to by 500 shares
Urgently… I believe in the story and the fundamentals of Monzo.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.



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There are no back doors, you didnt meet the criteria if you only joined monzo in December.

All shares for this round have now gone so there are no more available. Unfortunatly you’re too late.

Your only option is to convince someone to sell theirs.


If you got a job at monzo you can buy shares via your salary! Tbh, if I was closer to London I’d be trying to get a job there so actually being a bit serious with that suggestion!

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I want to see if I get a rocket.

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Not for a few days

Edit: is that Eric cantona?

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Thanks and yes it is.

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I wish I could sell little rocket badges on the other forums I use for a minimum investment… it seems more people want the rocket than the investment return :smiley:

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Yeah, genuinely amazing that that has been a lot of people’s first reaction

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They’ll do a batch of them in the next few days

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I seem to have not been added but I am using the same email address as far as I am aware. Could I be added please :slight_smile: So happy to be a part of the Investment, you rock! :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the opportunity to invest! Thought I would say that here, so I can see if I have my flair. :stuck_out_tongue:

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