Investor card email

(Mark Edmonds) #1

Got the email for the investor card! However I’m a bit confused on replace card part, it says follow the process, but there’s 3 options…which one do we pick?

(Phill Duffy) #2

I am trying to do the same but I don’t have an ‘Account’ tab - on Android


have you updated to the latest version?

@mark1 “asked by customer service”

(Michael) #4

I did the asked by customer service option, then unfroze my current card!

(Phill Duffy) #5

Fixed, I was using the beta app. Got the correct one from playstore and all is good.

(Edward) #6

Got my Investor card! Is it just me, or is this card significantly more Coral than the previous cards?

(MikeF) #7

It should have a coral core as well as a coral skin now.

(Edward) #8

It does, but compared to both the prepaid and Current Account Preview cards even the face colour is a lot more saturated.