Monzo investor card

Dear Monzo,

I requested a new card with ‘Monzo Investor’ written on the front of it.

But you keep sending me the standard coral, with just Monzo in front with no ‘Investor’ inscription / detailing.

Please can you let me know if the design I want is still available?

If it is, then please send me the correct design. I have been asking for this since 27 October!

Monzo investor card:

Many thanks,

We’re all just customers here. You need to contact support.

You can only get the investor card if you invested in Monzo – not sure what the process for verifying this is and if the cards are even still available.

Thanks for the comment.

Yes, I’m an investor. Have contacted supported. Just been going around in circles to obtain clarity if the card type / design is available. :exploding_head: - Hence the message here.

Have you checked it’s not on the back of the card??

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