Finish on the new Current Account Card

(Ian Bradbury) #1

I’d just like to say that I’m not a fan of my new shiny current account card. One of the design features I liked about the PAYG card was it’s matt finish. I know it’s really nothing to complain about, it’s just a shame that the design-er-y-ness is reduced with the new card.

Otherwise. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

(Allie) #2

My current account card is matte. I love shiny cards and shiny things tho, as long as the materials are good. Is yours a coral core one?

(Dan Woodhouse) #3

My current account is a matt finish too, when I compare it to my prepaid card and my OH’s prepaid card they all appear to be slightly different shades of Coral, but they’re all matte.

(Tom Henry) #4

Shiny here too, bit of a shame, maybe just the ‘Investor’ batches?

(Peter Roberts) #5

At the time @IanBradhury posted the investor card was not launched. There are a couple different card manufacturers for the CA now though so maybe it is one of them, and that is the same provider that makes the investor card?

(Tom Henry) #6

That’s true, he did. I’m assuming that’s what it must be then - unfortunately the glossy/shiny card is nowhere near as nice as my old matt ones, but oh well. Hopefully they become more standardised going forward.

(Martyn Thomas) #7

My CA isn’t as nice as my pre-pay card. It’s not even got the snazzy coral core :frowning: Looks like I was unlucky in the draw.

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