Investor Card Refresh?

Following the same design of Monzo Business and Monzo Plus cards, here are just a few poorly constructed ideas for Monzo Investor cards.

One of the many things I love about Monzo is it’s consistency, so it would be nice to see as many cards looking similar as possible. :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts?

Owen :slight_smile:


The problem for investor cards is that you’re likely an investor AND one of the other cards (e.g. Monzo Plus Investor) so the mutually exclusive option like this wouldn’t necessarily work for everyone.


How come? The Plus cards don’t include investor, if you’re an investor on Plus, you can choose to get a new plus card, or keep your existing investor card – there’s no merging.


May as well give people the choice since Monzo are building that functionality already.

Either way, I feel an update on the investor card design to match Business/Plus designs wouldn’t be a bad thing. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s true with the current card stock but no one has said that this will always be true. (Although it would be a real pain to manage so maybe your way is easier.)

Having never bothered updating my card to an investor one, I would very much like to receive one of these when mine expires. Is the text ‘investor’ (or ‘business’ etc) iridescent in some way?

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Slowly disappearing, in my opinion. I think they should have just stuck with Hot Coral - that’s the signature colour that got this whole brand momentum moving.

Nice mockup though.

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The plan is to eventually switch all cards to the new layout used in the Plus and Business cards. :slightly_smiling_face:

This includes the smaller signature strip, the Monzo name on the left, and the textless Mastercard logo.

Due to the various production times, existing stock, and other card design projects going on, it may be a while before you see them though.


What about this? :laughing:


I haven’t seen this… please could you provide a link to a post containing an image?

Hopefully, all the cards will keep a hot coral core.
I am really looking forward to a solution similar to Apple card, no number, security code or expiration date so I can keep my metal card for years and Monzo can simply change everything in-app.


Who said anything about a metal card?! Don’t get the hype. Not a priority for Monzo atm!

They are considering it for Monzo Plus, a staff posted about it in the community a couple of days ago.
I see the value if I could keep the card for longer because of the material and not needing to replace it every 2 years due to the expiration date and security reasons.


Here! Smaller signature panel and a two track magstripe instead of three (the third track is, by the standard, blank anyway).


I won’t be able to get my signature in that :joy:

I might just be able to fit my first name…

We’ll be looking at removing it entirely in a future round of card design changes. Mastercard no longer requires us to put any signature panel on the card and signatures have not been a valid verification method for over a year. :writing_hand:


All this talk of the design of the even newer cards than the ones out now - mine still has the massive chip, not coral core and is a different colour hot coral altogether I think!

And it’ll last me another 2 years :rofl::rofl:

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Curious to why it was left on, on these new cards then?