Information on investor cards

You do make some brilliant points about the environment and it’s definitely an interesting debate which is what posts are all about - healthy debate. However, I also feel as though some comments have been slightly combative and rude, not trying to come across as that myself. We’re all friends here :smiley::+1:


Who cares really?

My other account is a Barclays premier but I have not got the black card with premier written all over it. Reason being is I don’t need to advertise it.

Same with my now closed HSBC.

Barclays premier account?

Wanna adopt me? I’m cute and potty trained, worthy investment if you ask me


I don’t think so.

This was an old thread that was revived from a previous round.

No emails have gone out about investor cards, although they may do.

Edit: I’ve moved all of these new posts into a new topic

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I think something may be planned for later in the week

I ordered a replacement card last month… around 8am and received brand new card next day

Congratulations Tom and team and congratulations to all of us new investors! Feels great to be part a new forward thinking bank that actually listens to its customers!

Regarding the new investment cards, do we new investors that now own a small portion of Monzo really need to waste Monzo’s newly acquired funds sending out new plastic to us just so we can show off too our family and friends?


Not to mention the environmental impact.


Good point @Stevoo - You have to manually request a replacement card in order to get a shiny new monzolicious coral card with the investor text on, so if you would rather not get a new card, you don’t need to request a replacement! :grin:


I feel like Monzo could come up with some better designs for the cards to be honest. Something that is applicable to everyone, for example you can’t have a joint investor card, or a card with beta and investor on.

Definitely something that could be improved…

Wow, beta cards. That’s a blast from the past right there!

Yes I have this one but my point is there isn’t one with beta and investor on it :disappointed:

There wouldn’t be, would there? Investor cards only came into existence with the Current Account didn’t they?

No I think there were prepay Investor cards

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OK. That was too long ago for me to remember.

Think I might have it somewhere. It may even be Mondo!

Here’s @tomsr’s collection for a reminder :grinning:


Here’s a blast from the past :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: