Information on investor cards

(Sam) #1

So… new investor here, when can we expect to receive information on getting investor cards? :eyes:

Investor card email
Investor card
(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #2


(Johnny Ellwood) #3

You can request them now by following the steps here. I’d wait a bit first however as I can imagine there is a delays to their servers.

(Alex) #4

Thanks - can we then unfreeze the original and continue using until the new one arrives?



(Tom) #6

It’s the same as the picture above :point_up:

Basically identical, but says ‘INVESTOR’ under where it says Monzo.

(Matt) #7

I’m assuming the new card will have new details (card number, expiry, CVC etc) and therefore anything using it such as Netflix will have to be updated?



(Richard) #9

if only it was this card… :smiley:

(Matt C) #10

I am going to wait until my current card runs out. This seems hugely wasteful to me (both environment wise and financially) as there is going to be nothing wrong with the vast majority of peoples current cards.

(Sam) #11

@JBirdV1 Thank you! Didn’t see this, very handy.

(Alex) #12

I’d love for Investor card to have the same color that Monzo iOS app Investor badge has.

(Macaulay White) #13

Just a heads up this will suspend your apple/google pay when you freeze your card.


Is there an Investor Joint Account card? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jonathon) #15

Nope, sorry!

(Scott Newman) #16

Would love for this one!


Must we get a new investor card?

(Steve) #18

You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

You can just hold out until your current one expires and have it replaced then.


100% agree. As an investor I do not want Monzo to waste money sending out new cards until peoples old cards expire.


Thank you :slight_smile: