Introducing the new Monzo Plus

It’s probably your postal service rather than Monzo’s fault. As long as your card arrives before the advertised 24 July date you can’t really complain to them


Could also depend on where you live. I’m the middle of nowhere so not surprised I didn’t receive mine today like most others. I’ll be lucky if I receive mine any earlier than Wednesday next week.

Royal Mail were fined for missing first class deadline for delivering mail cause many were delivered late I’m 33 miles from edinburgh

Again, not sure how this can be held against Monzo?

Why are you unimpressed if you already knew postage was bad in your area?


Postage is normally good I don’t hold monzo to fault

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It would be very interesting to know Monzo’s thoughts on this, but I doubt we’ll get them.

My reckoning is that Plus will tempt some current Monzo users to upgrade, but I also think that Monzo’s basic account will suffer and fewer people will switch from other banks to monzo.

In fact, we already know that Monzo’s basic account is suffering… just look at the (now locked thread) about monzo stagnating. It turns out the development has been just as active as ever, but it’s all paywalled. And I very much suspect that features we were teased with (eg credit scores, seeing credit cards in monzo) were originally intended to be released to everyone, but have since been paywalled.

Disappointed? Yes. Paywalling features was pretty much the one thing that almost everyone said they didn’t want to see in new Plus.

There’s a lot of excitement here about new Plus but the wider feedback in other places (eg Reddit) is much less favourable.

A wise commercial decision? I don’t think so. Everything in Plus is too easy to copy, and too easy for other providers to undercut.


Reddit is where people rage none stop about everything, its not a nice place.

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I respectfully disagree. My experience with reddit is the total opposite.

From what I’ve seen, the feedback generally seems to be mixed across all platforms. I’ve seen some of Monzo’s most vocal critics praise the product or see value in it, and I’ve also seen some of their most vocal supporters dismiss it. I suspect the reddit community crosses over a bit from other finance communities, where being financially savvy trumps everything else. Reddit rarely responds favourably to paid for accounts, with perhaps nationwide being an exception.

I upgraded yesterday, primarily for the custom categories. After playing for a bit it seems like almost all the things that drew to plus need a tweak to be truly useful

  • Custom categories are great but being able to bulk change old transactions from specific retailers would be a massive help. I did the last couple of months manually (thankfully I didn’t use my card much because of lockdown!) but I can’t face doing more
  • Transactions split between categories show up as one line in Google sheets with one category listed, and the split in a separate column at the end so it’s not straight forward to eg. plot the spend in each category or filter to see all transactions with in a category. It would be much easier to have a separate line for each part of the split
  • I agree with a lot of the comments here about what would make virtual cards better, specifically being able to freeze them, link them to pots and add them to Google pay
  • Open banking seems great but TSB and Virgin/Clydesdale aren’t included so I can’t actually use it yet. Some idea of when more banks will be added would be nice
  • Credit score in the app is nice, even though you can see it for free elsewhere I never actually do. Being able to see all 3 credit score providers together would be a bigger selling point though!
  • I’m disappointed custom links aren’t part of new plus, it seems a fairly obvious addition to me
  • I’m really not a fan of the green background in the app can we please switch it off!

Yeah I guess it depends on what subs you are on and the types who respond. One guy who was negative for Monzo (quite brutally and nastily) had also been into the far right type subs regarding BLM etc so he was a special sort of character, he was doing everything he could to tear down monzo.

Reddit has a terrible reputation with all the people I know.


I’m also surprised with this. Feels like an obvious feature to me unless they’re planning to make it available to everyone. feels like it’s been kind of neglected of late though. Apple Pay and google pay haven’t worked for about a year now and there has been no update on when that functionality will be restored.

I would also love this. As far as I know, no one else consolidates all three, so it would be unique in that aspect. Unless of course there’s a reason no one else has done it that would prohibit monzo from doing it either? Having all 3 would provide deeper insight, and monzo could use some intelligence on the front end to combine all of the sources together to create a single score.

How long does it take roughly for the card to arrive? I live in north London and I ordered the card yesterday but have yet to receive anything in the post.

Some have had it today. That’s all we can say.

There has to be some limitation at the shipping end as to how many they can get out in a day so it could depend in part on the take up of the account.


Do you think it would be possible now with this to get IFTTT/Sheets to automatically round on your direct debits?

Bills Pot Balance - £1000
Subscription - £8.26
Bills Pot Balance - £981.74

Take that 74p, and it would have to move to your main account, then to the coin jar afterwards?


Virgin Clydesdale Yorkshire would merge in to one in the months coming so maybe they wait till then to give one uniformed access instead using two systems which is at present

Tsb used to go with Lloyd’s Halifax bank of scotland on open banking but they use a different system now so isn’t on it now so both for me tsb and virgin is missing but liking this set up

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I wonder if you lot would like Rbs NatWest and Ulster Bank more if they did app similar layout to monzo cause that is kind of app that I like

Most definitely. I’ve personally never been involved in any of the finance subs. I mostly just lurk and browse the home page when I’m bored to pass time, which is usually where most of the good quality content and friendlier communities shine. I only really engage with a few gaming communities. My circle of friends are all kind of addicted to it :sweat_smile:

I’ve seen a few of those myself, usually in Apple related subreddits, but they’re usually a minority.

Anyway, back to discussing monzo plus…

This would be brilliant!

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