Spending securely and confidently - September 2022 update

Hi everyone! :wave:

Summer has absolutely flown by! Just because it’s (almost) spooky season, that’s still no reason to be scared of managing your finances. :ghost:

We’re here to help with some shiny new updates for you:

Track your tips at restaurants and bars :purse:

Remember last month when we added tip suggestions to spending notifications at restaurants and bars? You told us you loved it but wanted more ways to customize your tips. Maybe you’ve noticed that tips can take a few days before appearing on your account, which makes it tricky to know how much you’ve actually spent.

Now you can track your tips with Monzo! Tracking your tips will show your updated balance right away while the final amount is being processed.

Our built-in tip calculator can do the math for you on 3 suggested tip percentages, or you can enter a custom amount. We’ll even remember your preference for next time!

Use Monzo with Apple Pay or Google Pay :credit_card:

Pay safer and faster using your Monzo card with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Add Monzo to your preferred digital wallet right from the app. If you’re new to Monzo, you can start spending right away, even before your hot coral card arrives!

Send money securely using biometrics :lock:

Instead of using your PIN to confirm each time you send money from your Monzo account, you can opt in to Face/Fingerprint ID for that extra layer of security and speed.

Dark mode :waxing_crescent_moon:

Dark mode is officially out of beta testing and available for everyone! You’ll need to have the latest app version, then change the Theme under your profile settings.

Improving your Monzo experience :sparkling_heart:

For new customers, we’re making a better, hands-on way of showing how Monzo works and how Monzo can help you manage your money. From personalized in-app onboarding experiences to step-by-step emails on how to get started, we want to help you feel motivated and confident making the best money decisions for you.

When you share the Monzo love with friends and family, they’ll get this wonderful sign-up experience that you helped us improve!
Invite friends to Monzo :iphone:


Help us build a better way to manage your money! Your voice matters so check out our public roadmap to see what’s next and let us know what you think!


Although tipping in the UK and Europe is less of a “thing”, some of these features would be great even for us. Good stuff.


As a uk monzo user who will be in the states for 3 weeks can i ask if this will show for me in app?

If not this should be something that would be nice to port over to the uk accounts for such a case!

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Early welcome to the US, @nathanthomson8 ! :wave:

It unfortunately won’t be available for UK customers at the moment. From some brief discussions, we think it can extended for UK customers with a bit of extra work, but I don’t believe that work is currently in scope yet.