Monzo Plus and Premium update 2023-24

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m back to give an update from the Plus and Premium team.

We’ve heard your frustrations about Plus and Premium not evolving at the speed you’d hoped. You’ve told us that not having Plus and Premium features available on joint accounts is disappointing. That you don’t feel you’re always getting value for money with these accounts, and that the recent change in the way you earn interest has impacted the way you use Monzo Pots. You also feel the experience of other Monzo products doesn’t feel better if you’re a Plus or Premium customer, which shouldn’t be the case!

I’m here to let you know improvements are coming (some of them very very soon). Our team working on Plus and Premium has grown rapidly, as have our plans to build a better product experience.

We’re working on:

  • More features and functionality
  • Better value for money
  • A better experience with our other products, notably joint accounts

Refining our ideas through feedback and testing

Some of you’ve spotted that we’re working on improvements. To do that well we speak to many customer groups to get insight on improving our products.

No specifics to share just yet. But you may see some of the research surveys (some of you saw one on Reddit) and interviews we’re working on over the coming weeks. We’ll use these to validate our ideas with diverse groups of existing Monzo customers (regular and Plus/ Premium subscribers) and those who’ve not joined Monzo (yet).

When’s this happening? :soon:

We have more research launching this week which some of you may even be included in. As I say we don’t have specifics to share yet, but we’ll leave you to discuss on here and we’ll be keeping a close eye on your feedback. :eyes:

When we’re in a position to share more info we’ll make sure to jump back on here to give an update and intro some more of the team. And as ever, please let us know your thoughts. Your feedback here is important and your views are definitely influencing what we’re building.

Thank you!


Thank you for this update. Excited to see what changes are coming. :slight_smile: Especially those relating to Joint accounts.


Just sounds like another post we’ve heard time and time again. We will look at it. We are looking at it. Things will happen in an unknown timeframe.

Give us an idea of what we might be able to expect, something to look forward to, as the continual empty promises don’t really give that much confidence.


It’s great something is coming but I could have written that myself. Soon. We hear you. We’re looking at. We understand.

You’ve said a lot without saying anything. I never want to poo poo staff updates but this one should have either have actually told us something or not at all.


I agree with other posters, very long post about how nothing is actually happening to Plus/Premium right now.


I’m actually fairly excited but…

… Surely you didn’t need to hear anything to know Plus/Premium and Joint accounts are subpar.

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“OK Google, start 2 month timer and post all manner of frustration and despair in this thread if Plus/Premium has not launched on JA’s by the timer end.”

‘OK, timer started.’


Perfect summary @Carlo1460.

I’m inclined to agree. On balance this sounds Fantastic but we’ve been down this road before (and it was pretty painful when you last made major changes :eyes:).

My questions:

  • what assurances can you give that this time you won’t throw early adopters under the bus.
  • challenge: what can you do to really bring a truly premium experience to those that get better elsewhere.

My thoughts:

I appreciate for those with joint accounts they’re doing to rightly want to see things happen here.

As someone who doesn’t have one (we never bothered) but does have HSBC premier, what can you do to make me come back. For a start I’d want to see travel insurance that is gold plated, the one with premium right now is not worth it compared to other offerings.

Plus other benefits such as phone insurance for the family or even the option of, dare I say it, bundles etc.

I’d also like to see a reduction in price for plus, £5 a month is steep compared to other paid for accounts.

Looking forward to seeing what’s next!


Thread is called Monzo Plus and Premium update

recent change in the way you earn interest has impacted the way you use Monzo Pots

Paywalling multiple interest earning pots? :eyes:


Pretty sure some people on here have posted saying they would be happy with this sort of “we hear you, we are working on it” post just to be reassured that it is still being worked on. Yes, it’s annoying we don’t know more, but it gives me some confidence that they are being more proactive with updates even if it is “nothing to report yet”.

These things really do take time and it hasn’t been very long in the grand scheme of things since this new plus/premium team was formed.


Pretty sure if everyone cancelled, or chose an alternative banking provider that ‘work’ would miraculously pick up speed. It’s all a choice, it’s not a priority to Monzo, let’s not pretend.

If Monzo is able to contain that ‘frustration’ to its forum and still manage to keep everyone paying per month, there is no urgency.

Monzo is verging on legacy territory.


5th July. Over 4 months later and zero. Zilch.

This is just the same again.


I’d go as far as saying scrap Plus all together and give the service for free, and when I say service I refer to virtual cards and open banking.

That’d be a real improvement.


I worry that Monzo is trolling me now.


Hoping to be part of the feedback session or even the trial for what is to come for Plus/Premium and JA accounts


This - and the pots change - is why I cancelled. I got fed up of paying for something that had stagnated, and wasn’t being developed. I could go elsewhere & get better offers than Monzo were offering, Cashback (fine it was a pilot) - didn’t come with any “Plus/Premium” perks, Flex didn’t come with any.

Monzo need to re-evaluate the whole thing, and look at their coherent offering to see what Plus/Premium could enhance.

Maybe on Plus you get 2 active 6 month interest free deals (so up to 4/year). Maybe on plus, you get the supermarket 2% cashback every other month. etc. etc.


I like that idea :slightly_smiling_face:

This made me leave monzo and move everything to chase, so glad the message is getting across. You will have to win me back now and honestly after using chase for a while I don’t know how you can


Hope this lets us pay for it from a pot :slight_smile:


This is how I’m feeling too.

Whatever they come out with is going to have to be a lot better for the customer than the product was before they gutted it.

I don’t know what they could do either. It’s all a bit too little too late for me now.

I think it’s interesting this comes out the week after the change came into force for everyone. So how many outside the community have since complained or cancelled to warrant your typical we hear you straight out of the gaming industry?

I think the product guys do hear us. But I don’t think leadership or marketing does. And it’s evident marketing has far too much control at Monzo nowadays. They’ve even subjugated the community and it’s spoiling the engagement between us and Monzo.