What we're thankful for ❤️ - November 2022 updates

Hey everyone! :wave:

Can you believe it’s almost December already? And a great time to say thanks to the people who matter most. For us, it’s you. You’re the reason why we’re making money work for everyone, for you. Thank you so much for being part of our community!

Let’s keep things going strong with some updates for you:

View your card details in-app :lock_with_ink_pen:

You can now view and copy your card number and your card’s 3-digit security number in-app! :tada: Perfect for when your card isn’t handy, like shopping online without leaving the couch.

Tap Card details on the home screen (the blue circular button under your Monzo card image) to get a PIN reminder, see your card number, and see your card’s CVC (Card Verification Code).

Before showing your card number or CVC, we’ll still need to confirm your identity by asking you to enter your PIN or use Face/Fingerprint ID. :closed_lock_with_key:

Better ways to move money :money_with_wings:

Last month, we teased a few screens of how we envisioned an easier way to move your money between Monzo and your other financial institutions.

If you recently moved money between your Monzo account and an external connected account, you may have already noticed it! Easily toggle between your different accounts and even switch the source (from) and destination (to).

Schedule one-time and recurring transfers :calendar:

Your money should move when you want it to. And now, it’s even easier to move money between your Monzo account, your Pots, and your external accounts! Plan ahead and set up a one-time or recurring transfer for a future date of your choice.

Set up direct deposit :inbox_tray:

Get your salary deposited right into your Monzo account for easy spending and saving! Quickly create a deposit form for your employer right from the app. Simply answer a few questions about how much of your paycheck you want to deposit and we’ll handle the rest.

If you don’t see this option when adding money to Monzo, don’t worry. We’re rolling this out gradually to make sure it’s working smoothly for everyone.

We’re determined to finish off the year strong with even more ways to make money work for you (by the way, we haven’t forgotten about joint accounts beta :wink: - still ironing out some details!) Check our public roadmap for other exciting features in progress!


Just to note it’s really great to see such transparency (even if I am UK based so either won’t get these features/don’t need them/have them already)

Looks like a really exciting journey ahead!


We’re happy to have you along with us for this exciting journey, thank you! :rocket: