Introducing Salary Sorter and Bills Pots 🎉

“However, in April of 2017, Monzo’s banking licensing would be granted, meaning you could open a deposit account with them.”

Was it? I thought it was later than this - November 2017 that the current account was offered?

“Salary Sorter
With salary sorter, you can switch your current bank account to make Monzo your primary.”

That should be CASS, not ‘Salary Sorter’?

Nah. Banking license was granted in April - - but current account wasn’t rolled out till later. :slight_smile:

The two are different milestones.

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Thanks for the clarification. So that line is literally correct, but also a bit of an elastic-band statement.

Hi David, sorry I didn’t write the review it’s just one I came across but unfortunately it’s been hidden anyway as it was seen as over promotional. I did do some background checks to make sure that it was factually correct and it was more or less spot on. In terms of the CASS comment, can you elaborate more on what you mean by that? I think they were just trying to highlight the fact salary sorter goes hand in hand with making Monzo your ‘primary account’, hence why it was mentioned there.

Hi James,

If you want to switch from another UK bank to Monzo (or any UK bank to any other UK bank for that matter), you can use the CASS service (Current Account Switch Service) which has the banks involved switch your D/D’s from the old bank account to the new bank account. Salaries are not included in this switch though - you have to tell your employer yourself about the change. The Monzo ‘add salary’ is a feature which makes it easy to present your new Monzo bank account details to your employer to allow them to pay you using the new (Monzo) bank account - that’s it.

Re: ‘Salary Sorter’ (which works with ‘Get Paid Early’) - this is a Monzo feature which allows you to sort any income over £100 between your Monzo accounts, pots, and Joint Account connections in one ‘sort’. You can choose the amounts to send to multiple accounts/pots and initiate the move(s) with one tap. You can also save these ‘sorts’ so that future sorts are the same when the same income arrives. This feature is worth its weight in gold - salary arrives, tap on ‘sort’ - check amounts to be distributed are correct and tap to confirm - job done!

But Salary Sorter (in the Monzo sense) has nothing to do with receiving your salary into a Monzo account when moving from another bank to Monzo (via the CASS service)

Hope this helps! (BTW, I’m looking forward to claiming one salary early, this Friday instead of next Monday, and will be immediately almost-auto-sorting that salary between our Monzo accounts and pots)


Hi David,
Thanks for the detailed response, make sense to me now :slight_smile:

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Where are we on possibility for recurring card payment to be taken from pots?

I can assure you this was the excuse given back on time.
I don’t have the energy to dig in this board to find the quote but feel free to.
I have revived the question above for an updated explanation if this changed.

Take a look over here…

… As if by magic, we’re currently speculating that this might be a thing :soon: . No official promises or guarantees though.

I really don’t think it was. It was more about regulatory rules about payment accounts, the logic that Monzo would need to build and the millisecond speed that the payment network needs Monzo to reply in.

I won’t assure you that’s true because - like you - I’m just going on recollection so would rather leave room that I might be wrong.

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It’s nothing to do with the amounts changing.

It wasn’t. Feel free to go and actually look to prove me wrong though.

Sorry my bad, it wasn’t the amount, but the payment date, that they “can’t predict”. Potayto patahto

Live from the app:

Because they can’t predict it. I don’t know if you’re being deliberately obtuse or don’t understand the difference.

There’s work happening on this area so hopefully this will change soon.

More likely the payment time. Transferring funds “just before” the payment goes out is next to impossible if you don’t know what time it’s going out.

Possibly not worth worrying about now if some of the theories going around at the moment turn out to be true.