Introducing Salary Sorter and Bills Pots 🎉

You need “If spend at Merchant”, I’m not 100% sure how it’s worded, but then set it for Netflix etc.


This is how I’ve got it set up for Spotify (similarly for Giffgaff and Now TV)

I’m hoping that we’ll soon be able to assign virtual cards to a pot and I can stop using IFTTT for these kind of payments.


Can we please pay our premium subscription from a pot?

Same goes for recurrent card payments, the excuse that amount is unpredictable is BS, as direct debit can vary amounts too.


This would be great for all amounts not just plus and premium

That has never been cited as the “excuse” for recurring card payments not to be taken from a pot.


Hello guys,

New user here and recently joined Monzo from Starling due to Monzo having what I wanted. I have read through this entire thread and whilst it does give a world of information, I just need clarification on one thing. I read previously that when a DD was taken from a specific pot, there were 2 entries in the timeline showing a transfer out of the pot and then the DD going out of the main account.

Has this now been resolved so that when the DD goes out, it just goes from the pot and not get transferred to the main account first or have I misunderstood how this is going to work. I have an accounts package I use to keep track of everything and I don’t really want to be transferring money in and out of pots just to pay bills as this is a messy way of working.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

If you hope that pots map perfectly as subaccounts in your chart of accounts, I am sorry to disappoint you. The statement will look very messy. With lots of intra account moves.

It hasn’t changed and I don’t know if there is a plan to?

Your feed shows all movements. So yes there are two. One that shows the money was withdrawn from your pot and a second that shows the company took payment.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Everything is taken from the account, always. A payment set-up to be paid from a Bills pot still gets paid from the account too. The Bills pot simply transfers the bill-matching amount from the pot to the account just before the payment is made.

Which is a really messy way of working.

My thinking was, coming from Starling and seeing how they operate the roundup function, that either the transaction would show as going out of the main account as normal but that the transfer bit would happen behind the scenes and be depicted by a small icon on the transaction to show that there was more information and then to see this, you click on the transaction or that the transaction actually happens on the pot (which is the whole point of the money being in a pot) and then the record of the transaction is listed under the pot details.

I don’t have a starling account so I can’t comment on that side of things.

I’m sure everything will tally up in your accounting software or you can exclude pot transfers like I do when calculating my budgets in Google Sheets.

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This would be a nice quality improvement to the Bills Pot.

It’s the same process as round ups just in reverse, if the Coin Jar* doesn’t need a separate line on the feed then neither should the Bills Pot really.

I can undstand it being shown on statements but an in app feed should be a smarter place than a bank statement

*Coin Jar was the name of monzo’s first round pot before you could make any pot be the destination for your rounded up spare change.


Is it possible to define the ’ Left to Pay’ period? As it does beginning to end of month I find it more difficult to track based on my pay day. So could this be modified to co-incide to when you get paid? For example if I get paid on 25th of every month then the left to pay would start from that day?

Aye, on the home screen tap on the pie chart on the top right, and then on the calendar also on the top right. You should then see an option to change the start date

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My point exactly. It’s the only ‘niggle’ that I can see at the moment and having a DD have the ability to be able to come out of a pot was the sole reason I swapped from Starling. Fix how it shows on the transaction history and for me it will be perfect. Nothing against them but they are a bit behind on this one and I feel this is a must have feature.

Thanks! That was not obvious from a UX point of view!

@Dark_Destroyer The payment from pots is a great idea and in practice works well but it is very messy. It doesn’t look too bad in my accounting package as I have setup the pots as a separate bank account and mark them as transfers which doesn’t look so bad.

As a little side note, Starling will also have this feature soon so it will be interesting to see how theirs works but I believe that it won’t the same but will be a separate bank account for bills etc presumably with a separate sort code and account number, which is the way I used to do it with a high street bank.

And again, whilst separate accounts might be a good idea for some I do believe that the pots iteration is the way to go so Monzo seem to have the right idea here. All that really needs to be done is to get the transaction actually going from the pot, not being transferred back to main section and then paid out which is what I understand happens now. Like someone said earlier, with roundups it just happens and you see 1 transaction and then click in to see the roundup info, this just needs to happen in the reverse order and a simple icon showing it was transferred out and then paid is better than 2 lines of information, or just put the payment info in the pot screen.


Round ups used to be two transactions too didn’t it?

I agree and I like the way this works but I have commented on this dual entry and how messy it looks when it was launch, as did many others, but nothing has improved and probably never will as it works and is low importance.

It is what it is…