Introducing Salary Sorter and Bills Pots 🎉

Maybe that’s where the confusion lies - I can sort to my joint account but not the pots.

This is what I was going off:

@BenLeo - can you sort directly into joint pots, from a personal account salary payment?

Sorry, that’s my bad, I must have misread your question. Salary can sort to Joint main balance, but not directly to Joint Pots.

Likewise the opposite, Join Salary can sort to Joint Pots, or to either Personal main balance, but not to Personal Pots.

Also as an aside, Salary Sorter doesn’t take custom pot ordering into account yet.

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Out of curiosity as I don’t have a joint account, could you chain salary sorters together? For example, have your salary sorted to send an amount to the Joint account, then have a salary sorter on the joint account that moves that amount to your pots?

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That’s a good point. I suppose it depends on how the ‘transfer’ between one Monzo account and another is treated. I suspect that it’ll be viewed as a transfer, rather than ‘incoming’ so probably not possible.

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You’re probably right on that which is a shame as it could’ve been a nice workaround until they revisit the salary sorter(if they do)

& @davidwalton

Definitely possible. The screenshot above is just that - the inbound £100 is the result of a salary sort in my Personal account. I’d guess that the >£100 rule still applies though.



I’ve got an incoming (Faster) payment due on Thursday - I can try & salary sort >£100 into my PA and then salary sort £100 into a PA pot.

I don’t actually have a use case for this as I run everything from my Joint Account (therefore sort directly into JA pots), but it would be interesting to see if chain-sorting™ can be done.

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Chain-Sorting™ CONFIRMED

I tested by setting up a temporary pot in my Personal Account, then Salary Sorting (amongst other sorts) £120 from my Joint Account to my Personal Account. I then went into the received £120 transaction in my PA and I could sort any amount up to £120 to the test pot or to my Joint Account.

Winner winner, :chicken: :plate_with_cutlery:

Now transferring everything back to the right accounts/pots…


So can you then chain the chained salary sort?

What I really need in my work flow, is sending some of my Salary to my joint account, and some of that money back to my personal. And so on…!

You can sort an arrived payment from it’s arrival account into the same account pots or to another account (not directly into the pots in another account)

So I guess as long as the values whizzing around are all £100 or more, you can chain-sort until the cows come home. Or more likely, until your funds dry up :money_with_wings:

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Hey, as there any plan to add subscriptions to the bills pot soon?

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I think “No” is the fairly safe answer to that one at the moment.


I wish when you were paying from a bill it combined the withdrawing and paying into one notification. I.e. with note “Paid using pot X”

Just a quick question, someone on Reddit was saying if you set the payment method to PayPal for Netflix or Spotify (presuming other subs too) then you can schedule them to be paid from pots?

I’ve changed my payment method but the payments won’t come out until Monday. Just wondering if this is true and if anyone has done this? If so will I just need to click into the transaction and click the ‘’Repeating Payment’ toggle, and then I can pay this from a pot?

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You can, with a little loss;

This is good news for me, but I have very few direct debits so I can see how this would be inconvenient for many. Hopefully at some point we’ll be able to manually add subscriptions to bill points by way of filtering payments from specific merchants or if Monzo can figure an automatic solution that’d be even better!

You can do it with IFTTT now.

Any spend at Netflix gets withdrawn from bills pot. Obviously it happens a second afterwards, so unlike currently, you’d need the money in your current account first.

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Not with a Joint Account :frowning:

Repeating stuck record sound


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The ability to add card-charged subscriptions to the bill pot is sorely missed…excluding rent, half of my monthly scheduled payments are in this category. I like the bills pot feature a lot…just wish it were more comprehensive.


How do I do this? Struggling to find it on IFTTT