Introduce yourself 👋

Hello all, been using Monzo for about six months, originally dipping my toe in the water using my account just for ‘pocket money’… so impressed I’ve just gone full Monzo.

A bit about me. I’m a northern bloke with a girls name (no, I’m not sharing it with you but you can have a guess)… it’s been a character building experience carrying that burden around with me. My parents were told I would never speak when I was born and whilst thats proved false I’m a relatively quiet person.

I’m not outwardly sociable but I’m trying, I don’t like being centre of attention, nor making decisions, but I do the occasional spot of Soul / Funk DJing around pubs and bars in Sheffield… proper old school vinyl, none of this CD / laptop nonsense. My playlist is always worked out waaaay in advance to get around the decision making difficulties.

I enjoy running and travelling, I’m off to the Norwegian Fjords in September on a cruise… my first cruise so I’m a little nervous what it has in store for me. Should be good anyway. I love City Breaks and I think I’d like to combine running and travelling by doing overseas half marathons (not full marathons… I’m not a sadist).

As with many others on here, I also recently discovered a liking for hugs… I audibly commentate and rank the hugs in real time, which is awkward if the hugger is of low standard. I don’t mince my words. My favourite hug was with my gay mate at work, confident on approach, perfect mix of firm and tender touch with a reassuring weight to it and an appreciative smile upon completion.

I have three cats, four if you include Professor Claws who decided to move out when we got a new door and the catflap changed… we still see her around but she’s not been home in over a year. I also have three fish and one human child. The child is 13 and has been around the cats too long as she’s started to develop an aloofness and mirrors the cats in terms of only really seeming to need me to feed her, otherwise she’ll only be friendly with me on her terms. It’s all good though.

Anyway, enough now. It’s good to be here.


OK. I’m Lal and am into the second month of my Monzo account. I also have a bills account with another bank which I’ve had for 20 years and I have a brand loyalty to them. All my bills are paid from them and thus my Monzo account is my ‘mine’ account so I don’t dip into my bill money when I get a spending urge! For far, it’s excellent and has reined in my compulsive side… Thank you!! For that reason I shan’t be going full Monzo yet, but I’m delighted with the Monzo experience so far. Keep it up!

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Is it Sue? Coz Johnny Cash :woman_shrugging:

Or Jackie coz Mark Almond

Or Shirley coz Big Daddy

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Marion coz John Wayne tho.


Hi everyone! I’ve just joined the community forum today. I’m Curni, from the USA! I was turned on to the world of FinTech just this past year after getting tired of the hassle of traditional brick and mortar banks and how slow they can be at times (looking at you, Spain). I’m still discovering all the FinTechs out there and I’ve known about Monzo for a while, however since I don’t reside in the UK (but elsewhere in the EU), can’t become a customer. But now with their launch in the states, I hope to finally can! I’m currently on the waitlist, so no idea when it’ll be my turn to open an account, but hopefully soon. :monzo_usa:


Hi Currni :wave:

Welcome, I hope your forum experience here helps you - and good luck with the waitlist :crossed_fingers:

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It’s all three…triple barrelled…

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hello. i am korean banker. my office name is nonghyupbank. can i ask a question?
next month i will visit london. i want to visit your office and exchange a infomation about fintech with each other. can you reply a email ( for me? i will visit london with my teammate. thank you.

Hello, I’m Matthew. :rainbow_flag: I’ve been a Monzo customer since June 2016 but never thought about signing up to the community forums until earlier today.

I’ve gone “full Monzo” and I couldn’t be happier — a personal account and a Business account. The only slight issue is that Monzo doesn’t accept international payments yet so I’m relying on the 3-year rerouting service from the Current Account Switch service to reroute payments from my old Lloyds business bank account to my Monzo account for now.

I looked into building a Monzo integration (I work for an integration company called Zapier) using the API to automate all the things for myself, but it seemed a bit of a hassle right now. Still, looking at all my transactions on the app itself is fine. :slight_smile:

Away from all of that, I’m a huge gaymer (mostly RPGs or multiplayer games like Destiny 2, The Division 2, etc.) and software engineer — I love building things for the Internet.


Hi there, I’m Chris. Was a Monzo UK customer but just moved to the US so having to join the waitlist for a second time!

Joined the forum as I’m interested in picking up some shares - sadly I’ve missed out on successive funding rounds since 2017, so hoping to get in on the action.


Just opened an account and having a look around. Looking forwardd to receiving my card and dumping First Direct/HSBC :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi had my Monzo card for a while now and have enjoyed using it. Right now though I’m in a jam and hope you can help! I lost my phone so don’t have my Monzo app. I urgently need to use my Monzo card to buy online but I can’t as I need to verify the purchase via my app which I obviously don’t have access to…really hoping you can help, thank you!!

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Hi all :wave:t3:

I’m Ricky. Live just outside London, I’m an actor, and I’ve been using :monzo: since January 2018, but have only recently made the switch to #FullMonzo :rocket:

I’ve contributed to a few posts and I’m very keen to participate in the community. :monzo: is a brand I believe in and the thought of being able to in someway shape and have an input into the product excites me and keeps me engaged!

The new features recently announced for Plus :heavy_plus_sign: customers sound great, and I can’t wait for the new nav to roll out, and for POINTS to finally launch!

What feature(s) are you most looking forward to?! :eyes:


As far as I know there is no workaround for not having your phone if 3ds is required

Is it definitely a retailer that requires this?

Looks like the only options is to wait for the phone if it’s a 3DS problem?

Have you tried calling Monzo? Or emailing?

Hi Emma thanks so much for your response! Yes it’s definitely a retailer, a well known one. The mastercard security is pretty common. It’s good security but very frustrating in these situations:)

Hi thanks for your response:) I borrowed a friend’s visa card that didn’t require the secure code so sorted for now:) Still no phone but hopefully it turns up…! I will post again if I find a workaround for 3DS


If you have access to any other person’s phone you can just log in there and approve it. If not, I’m all out of ideas :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the tip rarther:) I’m all good for now:)

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Could you not have paid via PayPal instead? :slight_smile: