Introduce yourself 👋

HI Jack, thanks for the welcome message! What’s the best way to engage here? I find the format a bit confusing, do I just dive into a subject and chat? Can I 'link up with people on here e.g. in a group or something so we can chat regularly about stuff as well if we share similar interests etc?

I’m travelling to Japan next year and keen to get some tips and ideas for the trip.
Neil H


Hi Ben, why would you want to leave out supporting the best team in the UK? :thinking::wink: Welcome to the Monzo community.

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Hey Neil,

That’s right you can just dive into any topic and reply to the conversation :blush:. If you have a topic of interest you’d like to discuss but can’t find an existing one using search, feel free to create it.

The forum does allow direct messages, so if you want to speak to people privately you can also do that. Just click on their name and choose message.

This topic may be a good place to start If you’re off to japan: 🇯🇵 Monzo in Japan [Discussion]

Let us know how the trip goes! :airplane:

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My friend who got some tickets for the world cup told me that many accommodations around those studiams have been fully booked up already so probs you should get places to stay asap!

Hi there, I’m Silvia, italian 26 yo girl, I just moved in Scotland to find my place in the world ^^ I’m an herbalist, chronic dreamer, tireless would-be-writer, and cat person.


cat person


Also you might want to have a look at this thread.

Hey guys, new to the Monzo forums at least, but been with Monzo for a good long while now!


Hi everybody. I’m new to Monzo and the community. I like what I’ve found out so far about Monzo. So simple!




Welcome to the forum :smiley:


Hi Ken - it is simple indeed! :smiley: Hope you enjoy your time on the forum as much as your time using the app. Feel free to join in with the discussions, most of us don’t bite :wink:


Hi Shazia :wave: thanks for joining us! Hope you find the forum helpful :smiley:

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Hello folks!

I’m Matt - currently studying law at uni so you can imagine how crucial good budgeting is right now… :grin:

Thanks go to Save the Student and Money Saving Expert for introducing me to Monzo. How refreshing it is to have a bank that is fully community oriented - both in terms of those running it and the community itself. I recently switched my main account for a better student account with a well known bank to remain unnamed - think Espanol and flames - but its online banking information was next to USELESS for budgeting, leaving a LOT to be desired, (no pending transactions - come on, it’s almost 2019!!).

Monzo is a game changer for me and as I can see, many others. Cheers for creating a brilliant, simple product. I think Monzo is in for the long run as far as fintech goes. I look forward to sharing ideas and getting to know this community better, and seeing Monzo grow and develop into the future.


Welcome @KieranO & @Matt.F

Thanks for the great introductions. I hope you enjoy being a part of the community here at Monzo :mondo: :rocket:

Good luck with the application @KieranO

And I hope your great budgeting continues @Matt.F :slight_smile:


Hi I have my account open today so in a bit of a panic! What is the limit for individual transactions? If it’s only £30 it would mean I have to pay for everything else (food,tickets, shoes etc) with a credit card, is that right?

Hi Nicola, you can see what the limits are via the Help page in-app, and start typing “Limits”. But it’s certainly higher than £30.

EDIT: the £30 limit might relate to Apple Pay :thinking:

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Thank you

I’m Gary. I’m 50 years old and am in the process of moving back to the UK after 20 plus years living in Switzerland. I’ve just started with my Monzo account and I really like what I see so far. It’s a great app!
I work in IT and spend most of my time road cycling or in the pub.



Contactless payments directly on the card.

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Ah yeah, that makes more sense!