Introduce yourself 👋

Hey folks, I’m Pete.

I currently work as a Product designer specialising in UX and IxD in the fintech and insurtech space.

Been ramping up my my Monzo usage since it was in beta and am hoping to have some meaningful dialogue on its future :smile:


Just got told I was in remission yesterday !


Hi I’m Emerson.
Been using Monzo since December and have invested, opened a joint account, started using the beta app and recently gone full Monzo in that time.
I’m a QA tester for a POS company in Norwich, specialising in testing 3rd party integrations and our own API changes.
I’m trying to be more active on the community to see whats upcoming and to have the ability to potentially influence changes in the future!


Hi Emerson & welcome :wave:

There’s a wealth of knowledge here with some very experienced :monzo: users (and some that aren’t too!) - hang around and enjoy :smile:


Brilliant new Pete really pleased to hear your good news.


Welcome to the community,

Has your company thought about integrating with ?

As POS company it would be great.

Here’s a long thread.

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Has your company thought about integrating with ?

I have already brought it up to our App Store product owner as we are both Monzo users. I hope that he is looking into it!


Hi! My name is Phil

Looking forward to contributing to the community.

I come from an institutional finance background and have huge interest in fintech disruptors.

So much of the industry is over bloated and ripe for disruption!



Hi Phil :wave:

Welcome to the community!


Hi my name is Gary

Used the card for a while.and love its simplicity


Hi Gary :wave: and welcome to the :monzo: community :smile:


Hello I’m Ed. I’ve had Monzo for an age but I’m new to the community. Just starting to get more involved really…


Welcome, take a look around and let us know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi i have been using my monzo card for 6 months now i have a new phone i can not get the app to work it keeps sending me to a page that says launch monzo here but nothing happens!! please help. tracy

Do you get to the part of entering your phone number?

Morning Monzers,
Just joined the community and thought I would introduce myself.
My name’s Daniel and I’ve been using Monzo since October 2017 and joined Plus as soon as I could. I’m a beta user as well for the app and I am loving everything that’s been released so far and I’m eagerly waiting for the next feature to be released!

Monzo has been amazing since I started using it. I got a Golden Ticket through one day, waited for what seemed like forever and the rest is history, I’ve sent out a few Golden Tickets as well and people always come back and say how great the app is.

I work in hospitality and have done so for 8 years now, I’m going off to study Japanese for 1 day a week at Uni in Central London as I’ve always had an interest in the Language, Culture and I watch a load of anime and I watch Super Sentai as well! My plan is to visit Japan in the next 5 years, life goal is the move to Canada and another goal is to lose weight (I know that sounds like a new years resolution, but I’ve always been conscious of my weight and now I’m finally doing something about it!)

Hopefully I’ll be able to help out in the community when I can and thank you Monzo for being amazing!!!


Hi Daniel & welcome :wave:


Hi, I’m Neil! Yet another IT Techy here working in the South East. Amatuer digital artist with the influence of Anime and Manga (mainly Touhou Project) in my spare time. Monzo is helping see how bad my expenditure is…


Hi, I’m Beth. :wave:

I’m quite a new Monzo user (Jul 19) but loving it so far. I love running (especially Parkrun), cycling (I only learnt to cycle as an adult and it’s one of my proudest achievements), and singing in choir (yes, I’m a choir geek).

I’m also a marketing manager from Bristol, and I’m currently studying for a CIM Diploma in marketing - my latest assignment for Digital Strategy is all about online communities, so as well as looking around here to learn more about Monzo, I’m also hoping to use Monzo community in my assignment as an example of a thriving online community, and identify best practice for building online communities.

So if anyone wants to help me out and tell me what it is about the Monzo community that makes it so great to hang out here, I’d be super grateful!



I think it’s great that so many people have such a great knowledge of the products and apps, the staff jump in to answer questions and try to fix issues when they can, and people talk about a whole variety of topics. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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