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Hi Richard, I’m Richie. I’m 36, love of life and enjoyment to the extreme. I’m based in Westminster and always enjoy helping with new ideas or suggestions to help the products move forward. 8f you need any user input, I’m always happy to help


Hi Richie & welcome :wave:

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Hello :wave:

Monzo are always asking for user input so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so :sunglasses:

Features are broken up into different topics. Have a search around and jump in :slight_smile: Some of the most popular ones recently are Bills Pots and New Look for the App

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Hi, I’m Rosalyn.
I’ve been using Monzo for a year.
I work with people who have cognitive impairment and I’m interested in how the app and card could benefit the people I work with.


Hi Rosalyn :wave:

What kind of features do you think would help?

We already think the pre-paid card and app are fab. Many of our service users have impaired judgement and have fallen victim to scams. We think the current system could allow positive risk taking, in that the people with impairment have freedom to spend while minimising risk and allowing family members to keep an eye on spending, if they have the app.
Obviously, there would need to be some kind of safeguard, such as LPA for finances to avoid abuse.
Has anyone else had experience of using Monzo in this way? What were the advantages and drawbacks?
Are there any “easy read” explanations of Monzo and how it works that we could adapt for our service users?

The prepaid card closed last April so since then all customers have been on the full current account

All of Monzo’s blogs are written to be as accessible to as many people as possible so they might be useful to you

I know it has been discussed before about allowing a nominated person to have access to the app etc and the gambling block, reduced atm and card limits and the new bills pot are other useful features

If you search ‘vulnerable customers’ at the top you will find lots of information and I will tag in @natalieledward if she is around, as she might be able to provide more information to you

This blog might be a good start. If you tap the ‘monzo 101’ tag in the corner you get more explanatory blogs


Hi everyone, had a Monzo account for a couple of months, but this last week decided to go all in full Monzo and am currently going through the switching process on personal and joint accounts


Hello! :wave:

Welcome aboard!

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Thank you :blush:

Hi all, I’m Craig :wave: I’m a software engineer working in fintech in Scotland; I’ve been using Monzo since 2017 and I’m also a crowdfunding investor. I’m a big fan of the company largely due to their approach to their software, and I’m planning on going #FullMonzo in the next few months.


Hi Craig & welcome :wave:

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Hi I’m Dave just changed to Monzo from
First Direct and all food so far although an overdraft facility would be nice :blush:. I live in Dover, been in the police for nearly twenty years and currently work for a private Port Police service. Like gym, martial arts, reading cooking and the countryside. Survived cancer as well so every day is a blessing.


Welcome Dave :wave:
I’m too a fellow survivor, in my second year of remission now but last appointment is 2023 so still some time to go, but all’s good!
Glad to hear you’re well! :grinning:


Hey good to meet you pleased to hear you’ve also go through it and the time til you’re given the all clear will fly by. I know my five years after flew by in the blink of an eye, couple of scares but glad they were thorough.


Everyone knows a Dave.

Welcome :wave: :laughing:


It’s a good name.


Hey folks, I’m Pete.

I currently work as a Product designer specialising in UX and IxD in the fintech and insurtech space.

Been ramping up my my Monzo usage since it was in beta and am hoping to have some meaningful dialogue on its future :smile:


Just got told I was in remission yesterday !


Hi I’m Emerson.
Been using Monzo since December and have invested, opened a joint account, started using the beta app and recently gone full Monzo in that time.
I’m a QA tester for a POS company in Norwich, specialising in testing 3rd party integrations and our own API changes.
I’m trying to be more active on the community to see whats upcoming and to have the ability to potentially influence changes in the future!