Introduce friend

When you introduce a friend in order for them to get the free £5 I understand obviously they have to use the account. Does this have to be with the actual card ? Or can thus be via Google Pay?

I would guess it doesn’t matter - the account will still show activity… but I couldn’t say for sure

Yeah I was thinking same, doesn’t matter that much as my mate transferring to Monzo anyway. He was just asking does any transaction acts as a qualifying transaction

The page just says first spend so I’d say any spend counts and if it doesn’t then I’d challenge Monzo on it

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It must be any transaction, he just ordered a takeaway via Google Pay & instantly got his bonus upon paying. Mine dropped in as well. :+1:


I need to find me some friends to switch… I’ve got 2 cold tickets and could do with the money lol

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It’s any transaction. Online, contactless, chip and pin, device payment.

As an aside has anyone completed a referral since it switch back to £5 and £5?

I got one through today and it came through with as the reference.

Can confirm that Google Pay works as per my tweet to them: